View Full Version : Hmm.... Who's got the screws?

10-27-02, 09:31 PM
I'm looking to buy some of those standard case screws that are just about used everwhere else within a computer, add-on cards and such. I'm not talking about the smallers ones that are used for hard drive mounting.

I've tried the electronic stores within my area (VA) and no one has them. I'm looking to buy a box of around a hundred or so, definitely not oneies and twosies. Any ideas guys?

10-27-02, 09:38 PM

24 for $2..

usually when you buy a case or mb they give you loads of screws. buy a mb at a electronic stores take their screws and return it back to them! i know i know its immoral but if your desperate lol.

10-28-02, 07:24 AM
I think it's even easier than that. Just go to a PC shop and ask for some spares ones. I'm pretty sure they will give them to you free.

10-28-02, 01:15 PM
Except I'm looking for more than a few spare. They're surely not going to give me around 50 for free, or even at a good price.

11-05-02, 08:21 PM
You needing about 100? I can probably get you that, you just need to reimburse me for shipping. I build PCs all day long everyday, and have plenty of the hex case screws sitting around the shop just post a reply of exactly what you want.

11-10-02, 09:31 PM
Check your PM's brannonk.

11-11-02, 06:59 AM
I'll check em today.