View Full Version : FX 5600 256 Mouse Stutter

07-31-04, 01:27 AM
I'm running a P4 3.06, 1 Gig RAM, with an FX 5600 256 card. I use a standard MS Wheel Mouse. I'm playing Joint Operation. The video motion (like when a character or vehicle is running) is good. But, I get jerky motion out of the mouse. It makes it very hard to aim and fire quickly and accurately.

I have the latest drivers and game update.

Any tips on smoothing out the mouse motion?



07-31-04, 02:15 AM
Hi VegasGeorge,

I'll try to help. Is it just this one game thats giving you troubles? If it is maybe there is a setting for mouse smoothing. I usually disable things like this because I dont like the way it makes the mouse feel sluggish in some games and jerky in others. You didnt say whether or not you were using USB or PS2 mouse. You could try swapping to the other and see if that helps. If it does and you dont like the sampling rate of the PS2 port you could download PS2rate. Its a freeware and works very well.

Another thing it could be is your mousing surface. Some mouse pads give the optical mice fits and it really shows in games.

You mentioned you had the latest mouse drivers. I usually dont use the mouseware software. You dont need it and it has caused problems for other people.

Sorry thats all I got. Hope you get it figured out.