View Full Version : How in the heck can I disable Fast writes for my 6800?

07-31-04, 03:53 PM
I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this...I want to try to disable fast writes for my geforce 6800nu card (to see if it helps some performance problems in battlefield 1942 that I didn't have with my old card) but I can't seem to get it disabled no matter what I do. I have a intel 845pesv board but there are absolutely no options in the bios to disable fast writes. Since I couldn't do anything in the bios I downloaded Riva Tuner and disabled fast writes in those options but when I restart my computer back up Riva Tuner shows that fast writes are enabled again!!! And I set that option in there for Riva to apply my settings whenever windows starts but with that option on or off the fast writes setting still stays on. I also downloaded some coolbits registry entry that enables some extra options in the forcware drivers...including the ability to disable fast writes...but when I uncheck the fast writes options box and then hit apply...it turns fast writes back on again. I'm running the 61.76 forware drivers and the latest intel chipset drivers. Can somebody please help me get this figured out? Or if anybody knows if there is some way to get more bios options that would include fast writes then please let me know. Thanks

07-31-04, 04:50 PM
Well, I figured out how to get Riva Tuner to disable it correctly...I had to install the 61.71 drivers since they were supported by Riva Tuner. It looks like fast writes disabled because the setting finally stuck this time...but it still didn't help my battlefield 1942 problems with the 6800...oh well.

08-01-04, 04:32 AM
Hi Ekloot1978,

sorry to hear you havent figured out whats wrong with BF1942. My motherboard also has no settings in the bios for fastwrites. I've only seen this option on AMD boards with Via chipsets.