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10-28-02, 07:27 AM
Luckily I work for a PCB fab house/cable assembly company or I wouldn't even be thinking of this...

My GA-7VTXE+ lacks multiplier adjustments (the switch) but is wired for it (its sibling GA-7VTXH+ has the switch, PCI128 instead of AC97, and on-board LAN)...

The switch itself is a "thru-hole" component, so it could be "reworked" into the board with ease... I got the skillz and the equipment...

Does anybody know if the VTXH+'s multiplier settings reside only in the switch, or are they in the BIOS too?

Do you think gigabyte will give me the mfg. part number of the switch?

Can anybody email me a pic of their VTXH/+ multiplier switch?

This is a 10 minute solder job that may allow my system a lot more flexibility. Anyone have any suggestions (besides getting a mobo with this feature)?


10-29-02, 03:14 PM

"The dip switch you see on the PCB is meant for setting the FSB but was later meant for setting the base frequency. e.g. 100~166 or 133 ~ 200Mhz 1Mhz steppings for overclocking. In the photo, you can also see the VIA VT8233A which serves the ATA133 function."






10-30-02, 06:08 AM
...that blurb made no mention of multiplier tho... only fsb... Thanks for the pics!! This may be possible!

10-31-02, 10:05 AM
From article:

On the PCB, you can find the markings on setting the multiplier of the CPU. The multiplier dip switch is located behind the Socket 462 (between the LAN port and the CPU FAN). The FSB and voltage are selectable within the BIOS.