View Full Version : Weird driver crash bug found with (at least) 61.77, 61.76, 56.64

08-02-04, 08:38 AM
I've been tracking down a weird crash bug with a 3D app, and it definitely looks like a bug in NVIDIA's drivers. I can reproduce the bug with 61.77, 61.76 and 56.64, at least.

Before submitting this as a bug report to NVIDIA, it would have been great if more people could check the minimal attached example I've made. It uses GLUT, but is otherwise "pure" GL. Just rename the file to bug.cpp, then build with your dev env of choice.

Info about the local system I used to reproduce this bug is given in the header. It would be much appreciated if other people getting a crash from this could respond with info about their system in the same manner, i.e. which driver version, type of card, display settings.

(BTW, where does one submit a driver bug report to NVIDIA? I could find no suitable links to any information about this on their web site.)