View Full Version : No Sound in DIII

08-03-04, 04:55 PM
Darn im all excited i hear the loud intro music and and stuff before loading in the game. Next i get in the game where i start putting my game options in, i click the mod button to fiddle around a bit close out the game hit restart.

Well this has confused me so much i dont even know if i heard sounds in the main menu. I do know theres no sound at all when i fire up the game, even ingame away from the menus sounds dead.

I can open shut my cd drive and here the opening sound but thats it. :lame:

I need to find some tech help activision still hasnt put up a tech page and the other two sites i looked at dont neighter. Bummer

All my other games and progs that have sound work fine Doom3 only thing here.