View Full Version : PM your Doom 3 tips to me

08-03-04, 10:32 PM
I'd like to compile a "Doom 3 Tips" document and request everyone's help in doing so. (Yeah, I know that other sites may have/will have this but I'm doing this primarily for the nV News community's benefit).

I'm not going to post this list on the web and claim that "I" made it. This will be a community effort and basically the main purpose in my mind is to just provide all of us here at nV News with a central location to find all of the great tips, console commands, cfg file tweaks, etc that are continuing to be discovered. Depending on how much feedback I get I may not get a "thanks" PM back to you right away so "Thank you" to everyone that helps out in advance. I hope this works out and proves useful. :)

Oh, and I'm closing this thread on purpose and stickying it to encourage everyone to just PM me your submissions so that I can compile it offline and then update here as it seems appropriate.

08-03-04, 10:41 PM
BTW, I know that Kamel, jAkUp and others have already well established threads on this. I don't mean to "compete" with those or anything, I'm doing this so that I can receive all of the tips concisely (without having to wade through threads with side comments, etc) in hopes of compiling a single document for a centralized location that will make all of this easier/faster to find.