View Full Version : getting sort of blocks when moving around quickly?

08-05-04, 06:45 AM
hay doodz....

just got doom³ and first of all i must admit that this game kinda looks very cool.... all in all the game is running very kewl with my gainward 6800 Ultra GS @ 430/1200 (except from the time when the gfx is loading itself up into the ram but that does not take too long tho) but what i rally dislike is that when i look around it seems to me that a part of the gfx somehow "delays" whilst moving, thus resulting in a part of the screen looking a bit blocky or sort of when moving around.... no matter if i turn fast or quick....

my card is well operating in e.g. farcry, i can turn around as fast as i want and it does not look like a part of the gfx "delays" in a certain way

all my driver like agp are newest

A64 3000+
Asus K8V SE
win xp prof sp1
1024gb pc3200
FW 61.77
directx 9.0c

now if some1 with a comparable card can plz test if he/she gets some of these blocky parts ob the screen when turning around quickly or slowly and has fixed this issue it would be nice to reply to my post...

08-05-04, 06:53 AM
go into advanced options and turn on vsync

08-05-04, 07:14 AM
Ah, of course! VSync problems didn't come to mind when analogmaster was explaining it :)

08-05-04, 07:35 AM
yea, the vsync fixed that prob....

thx doodz :D

08-05-04, 09:55 AM
I was having the same issue as well and the vsync turned on seemed to help. Is this what "tearing" is?