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08-05-04, 06:10 PM
Ok, recently doom3 has been released. The engine which powers Doom3 is amazing...leaps and bounds above aything on the market. However the people at id apparently dont like to use nice textures. So, if anyone wants to help the entire Doom 3 community by making a high resolution texture pack, and showcasing the Doom 3 engine the way it was meant to be, let me know.

Also, the polycount of the models are way too low for todays hardware, any good modelers who would want to make good 10K poly models for Doom3, please let me know! We could immensely help the Doom community and keep Doom3 fresh and show people that Doom3s engine is the best out there, and hell just provide ourselves with a better experience as well!!

Please, if you have skills in texturing or modeling, please help!

08-05-04, 06:28 PM
are you sure youre not john carmack? john, relax. the game's good enough. take a break. you've been programming for 5 years, chill for a while. :lol2:

08-05-04, 06:36 PM
clearly voted 4 sticky ;)

08-05-04, 06:42 PM
here's a texture i made for the BFG :D


might need to re-do the curves to make them straighter, but for a concept model, not bad :D

all joking aside, i do like your idea for a project, and think it will definitely be a great thing to add to d3... i would help if i could, but i don't think i can, lol.

08-05-04, 06:48 PM
Big Fucxxx Gun

08-05-04, 07:57 PM
Original Doom 3 characters were made of few million polygons , Devs showd them in viodeos and commented , they resample them to low poly version so we could actually play at decent speed , would be tuff to remake them from low to high , better ask devs to release those high poly ones to mod comunity ;)

Possibly they got high res textures also , who knows maybe its gonna be add on later on.

08-05-04, 08:26 PM
Im looking to use the same normal maps they used (touched up perhaps) which is the texture they wrapped around the low poly model. All we'd need is for someone skilled to do a nice 10,000 polygon model and we could wrap the normal map around it. Then we'd get rid of the blocky heads and such.

08-05-04, 08:37 PM
lol. the game's only been out a week, lol! better yet, email id, and ask them if there is an option to "unlock" any secret high poly models. or even better than that, just ask them to send you the original models.

ps- i still think youre john carmack.....

08-05-04, 08:40 PM
The reason the models are low-poly is so your card can handle all the shadows. Every light that is on a model basicly doubles that model's polys, because that many polys are used to create the shadows. So, if you had one 10,000 poly monster in a box room with 3 lights. That's 40,000 poly (10k for original model 30k for 3 lights) add texture/specular/normal on top of that and your first-person model. Now we talking 40,300+ just for one character in a box.

Imagine the stress after 4+ character models in an environment.

Something tells me my graphics cards isn't going to like me anymore.

Probaly why id opted to make low-poly models with normal maps until hardware can handle it.

08-05-04, 08:43 PM
still doesn't excuse the low res textures... ultra quality mode has uncompressed textures... had they used texture compression they could have had much higher texture res at basically no cost.

08-05-04, 09:21 PM
Well for my project we could make EXTREMELY high quality/resolution textures and then compress them, therefore keeping excellent quality while maintaining playability on NV30/R300 class cards with 128-256MB of local v-ram. Also we could keep the option for uncompressed textures once cards with much more local video memory come out(e.g. 512/1024MB cards). Then Doom 3 would look very, very impressive, even to the people who have been bashing the low texture quality, however, people with NV40/R420 class cards may have to run at 1024x768, No AA no AF with these high quality textures and R300/NV30 class users may have to scale down to 800x600, however it will look far superior to 1600x1200 16xAF, 8xAA with the original textures.

Now on to the subject of the models...

The models in Doom3 are, for lack of a better word...horrible. I'm not talking about a textured/lit in game character, but just the raw geometry. Now, it's not really id software's fault because quite frankly I don't think they were expecting to release the game in the era of NV40's and R420's and their target hardware was the capabilites of a GeForce 3. The mainstream card for many of us playing Doom, is around a R300/NV30 class video card, and many of us also have some of the newer NV40/R420 cards so we'd like to see this game really utilize our hardware. However what intrigues me is, an NV15 class card could easily handle 31 million triangles a second (10x less than a NV38) and still fall within acceptable limits for raw geometry alone.

Now, with higher poly models (I am talking about 10,000 polygon models), 7 characters on the screen, shadowed with 1 lightsource, would be an outstanding 140,000 polygons, that's not including the world geometry and its corresponding shadows which I would estimate at ~100K polys. So 240,000 polygons/second. Now that sounds a little high, but considering an NV38 can do ~380M triangles/second, well i'd think hardware is grossly underutilized in the Geometry aspect. So I believe 10,000 polygon characters, fully lit and shadowed with the environment geometry is not unrealistic for todays current hardware (R300/Nv30 class cards is what I am refering to as "current").

I again, would really love to see this project materialize, because we could have Unreal Engine 3 class graphics...today.