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Son Goku
08-06-04, 12:56 AM
Discussion on IRC brought this up. Thought I'd share a few I've run into/heard.

First one:

Person was playing Ultima Online for about 20-30 minutes, was completely afraid of dieing. So they walked around begging for people's best items so they couldn't die. After awhile of this, some people got a bit annoyed so sugested to them that they put their CD in the microwave for 2 minutes. They indicated after the thing stopped sparking, it would alter the CD so it would drop all the best items for them.

So they came back a week latter and complained that after they tried this their CD stopped working and they had to buy the game again. Someone suggested "other side up" and they were off for another week :lol:

In one of the Diablo II forums, I had seen a post from someone who claimed there was a new cheat program for stealing other people's items. This cheat prog merely consisted of the following:

Someone told them they could dupe their items if they walk to this one corner (the guy supposedly walked to an opposite corner to make them feel more secure). Then holding down the Alt key, hit F1 through F5 in rapid sucession.

The person then claimed that after they did this the game quit, they came back and their items were gone. The people in the forum laughed and reminded him of Alt + F4...

Speaking of which, in Diablo 1 I had someone join a game and start bugging me for 15 minutes to hack their character as they're afraid of dieing. After they did this for awhile, I suggested that if they're this afraid of dieing, perhaps they should hit Alt + F4 and all their worries would go away.

Five minutes latter, the person rejoined and asked me if there was another way to hit Alt + F4. He insisted he must be doing it wrong or something, because every time he did it, Diablo just disappeared :rofl

In Diablo 1 days, I got sick of all the laggy games. Having an hour glass show for 2 minutes and being unable to do anything is a pain. So I created a game lag_sux_ISDN_or_better_plz or something like that...

First guy joined, he had a cable modem and all was well. Second guy joined and he had DSL, all was well. I was also living on campus at the time and had access to the uni's T3 lines.

Now, fourth guy joins and it's lag city. We ask him his connection and he insists we must be lagging, because it's impossible for him to lag. We explain the situation, and he finally says:

I don't know what a T3 line is, but my 14.4 Kbps modem is faster then that. AOL has this turbo Internet, and with them I have the fastest connection in the world. You people are lagging...

:rofl :nanahump:

08-06-04, 01:17 AM
Oh dear god... 14.4kb... it must've been a world record to kick a player that fast...

08-06-04, 01:44 AM
Yeah a bit sad , so many computer iliterate people , few days ago man came to me at my work place and asked what kind of internet connection igot ? i said i got Comcast Cable 3mbit its realy fast , after a moment he replied oh yeah i got very fast to its faster then Netscape :retard:

He didn't know what he had or whats the difference between Physical internet provider and Software Browser :cry:

08-06-04, 02:09 AM
Ignorance is quite possibly the one human trait I find the be the absolute most annoying. It's one thing to simply not know about something, it's another to assume that you're always right even when you know nothing about the subject. What's especially bad are those who are constantly wrong, but constantly changing what they say. It's like..."Well I take back what I said before, but I'm still not wrong!".

08-06-04, 06:29 AM
I called someone on acting like a AOL kid on Diablo 2 a while back, he objected and started listing his computer componants :rolleyes:

08-06-04, 06:47 AM
The all-time best one I have seen was some stupid kid on Planetside going around saying "OMG!!!11 I just got a new compy and it is the roxor". I asked him what the specs were and he told me it was a 1.8Ghz P4 with FX5200 and 1GB of 2100DDR. I then followed up with "That's nothing special, I've got yada yada yada". He goes "ROFL!!ONE!ONEONE, That compy is the suxors, mine pwns joo". He thought the lower the Ghz the better, which kept me laughing for a week.

Reminds me of someone I saw on DAoC who thinks he knows all and sees all when it comes to computers. He is so dense, he thinks his 9800Pro 128mb is better than the 6800U. Just like the bull**** lie he told the other day when he got Doom3. He said he was running the game at 1280x1024 with 4x/16x on Ultra Detail and was getting a solid 40fps with no dips below 35. I just laughed an told him he needed to stop poking his brain with a q-tip.

08-06-04, 08:10 AM
Well, it's not as good as getting an annoying n00b in Medal of Honor (or any Quake 3 engine game) to type

bind mouse1 kill

in the console by telling them it's an aimbot hack. (Or the variant that does the same in your respective Q3 game)

08-06-04, 08:35 AM
thing that annoys me the most, is when people are wondering why there game isn't running well at all the high specs, with a 5200 w 256mb , its amazing how many people still think that the only thing that matters in a vid card is how much memory it has :retard:

08-06-04, 09:18 AM
Reminds me of a someone I knew that bought a new computer and said he got a top of the line GF4 card. Now, this was back in early to mid-2002 when BF42 and the like were still hot sellers for the most part. So, the guy goes and buys BF42. Now, the rundown on his PC was a 3Ghz P4, 1GB of 2700DDR and a GF4. So, I load up BF42 and start my own server so we can play with our clan. He gets in there and starts complaining "Wow, this is really laggy. Oh man I can't play like this. Why is my compy doing this, it's effing top of the line." Come to find out the retard had a GF4 MX420 :retard:. I was like no wonder ..... He goes "Wait, I thought the GF4 was suppose to be a kick ass card". I told him "A GF2 with a new name is not kick ass".

Just like another guy I knew who bought an FX5200 because he said "It was an FX series card with 256mb of ram". :screwy:

08-06-04, 09:31 AM
The worst thing of all this is, 9 times out of 10 its the stores and shops that give them this information. Recently I went looking for local prices on video cards. I mentioned I wanted something faster than my ti 4200. He kept listing 5200's with 256 ram. Because the amount of ram makes such a huge difference. I had to give the store owner a lecture on video architecture, and he still didn't get the point. Its impossible to tell some people the difference between 128 and 256 bit memory interfaces and 128 and 256 megs of onboard ram. There's not a store in town that knows and understands this difference.

08-06-04, 09:57 AM
its usually useless to explain these things with store people. just tell them what you want, and if they suggest some pos card, just sigh and shake your head (they'll get the idea).

08-06-04, 11:00 AM
Stupid is as stupid does I guess .....

Done the same thing myself Anxdiety. Like talking to a giant wall.

Now, the guys at CompUSA here are really up to speed on everything. They tend to recommend the best hardware that is in your price range rather than trying to hock some FX5200. Went in with a friend of mine way back when he bought a 9800XT. He actually got a 3 person escort to checkout because it was the only card in the store. Usually if you know what you want and where to get it in the store you're going to, most floor staff can put 2 and 2 together and get the hint that you don't need help.

08-06-04, 11:40 AM
Funniest one for me, was an old clan mate, how thought his GF420MX was better than my OC'd GF3 :)

Nitz Walsh
08-06-04, 04:05 PM
I really can't blame your average end-user who think a "256 meg" card is better than a "128 meg one" - why wouldn't they? They’ve been trained to believe that “more memory!” always enhances performance, in fact it may be the single most important factor in a new system. Now with 3D cards, you expect them to realize that it’s not always the case?

Aside from the aforementioned stores dispensing with their own ignorance, the fact of the matter is - ATI & Nvidia are only too happy to completely confuse the consumer, which they have. The amount of differing models of recent ATI & Nvidia cards is absolutely ridiculous, and whenever someone gets lesser performing hardware than they expected, I wouldn't be surprised if their first reaction was "Screw this, I'm getting a console".

It's unrealistic to expect your average consumer to make heads or tails out of the myriad of bus widths, memory sizes, DX compliance, vertex shader engines, etc. Does SE mean “bad” in this case? Does XT mean "better"? It really is an embarrassment when I have to explain to people when they want a new video card in what to look for – they usually respond with “Huh? Why are they named that way then?” - and invariably get discouraged at the complexity of the PC industry.

ATI & Nvidia share a good part of the blame in this by numbering the parts they way they do, and they do it deliberately. Why wouldn't your average Joe believe a 5200 with 256 megs is a better card than a 4200 with 64? They wouldn't, and Nvidia counts on that, as they want to push a product with far better profit margins like a 5200 over the 4200. ATI does the same - most wouldn't expect a 128 meg 9200 to be slower than a 9000 pro, but in many cases it is - and again, this isn't even getting into the MX/SE/XT nonsense.

It's not that ATI & Nvidia doesn't deserve to have a wide range of products to fit several worldwide markets, it's that they intentionally name them to practically ensure confusion. The GeforceMX is a perfect example - only us geeks would know right off the bat that the addition of the two-letter suffix to the Geforce4 brings about a huge drop in performance and features.

But hey, it's a "Geforce 4 MX" - that's higher than a Geforce3, so it's got to be better...right? And that 256 meg version over there - wow! That's 4 times as much memory as that pathetic 64 meg 4200!

Things have to be simplified for the consumer folks. If you don't believe the PC is fighting with consoles now, you will in the next gen - and when the true plug and play of consoles is always an alternative, most users just aren't going to put up with spending hours on a several web forums to find out where a product actually lies in the performance/features range, assuming they'll even do that much research.

Of course, if as in the examples given above, some guy is actually talking smack because of his ill-advised purchase, then by all means - flame on. :ORDER:

08-06-04, 09:44 PM
Thanks for saying all the stuff I was going to type but decided against it because I'm trying to be a lazy bastard before I start my Sr yr at college :-). The entire reason I told the story was because all of these people I've run across kept talking **** saying their system owns every other system on the planet, they are now in a 1337 class of computer users, etc, etc. Sometimes I think the average consumer is just too lazy to research their purchase is what it comes down to. And like you I find it to be embarassing and almost a waste of time explaining things to people who only utter "Huh?" after you're finished.

08-07-04, 03:47 PM
hmm....my fav was playing War 1 w/ modem with another friend, and he always disconnected because he was using the CTRL-ALT-DEL hack.....

Son Goku
08-08-04, 03:32 AM
I really can't blame your average end-user who think a "256 meg" card is better than a "128 meg one" - why wouldn't they? They’ve been trained to believe that “more memory!” always enhances performance, in fact it may be the single most important factor in a new system. Now with 3D cards, you expect them to realize that it’s not always the case?

Well, even in the system it is only the case to a certain point. And this point is the point at which they have enough memory to handle what they are running (along with a certain amount for a file cache)... The benefits of more memory decrease once one doesn't need to page out to disk anymore...

I had 64 MB several years back with Windows NT 4.0. I was looking for more memory (could use some more) and due to decreasing prices got a 128 MB DIMM. Fact is though, that Windows NT 4.0 Workstation would not make use of all that memory... I did all kinds of things with tweaking the registry and what not (also set it to put a priority on the file cache, etc) to try to force it to use the full 192 MB... It took some doing.

Course once I got Windows 2000 beta, that was all out the door and win2k did make use of that...

1 GB would be decent today, perhaps 2 could be used, but would many home users make use of 4 GB just yet? Now after Long Horn comes out and games get even more advanced, perhaps...

And yes, as to the salesmen...the best thing to do is not to rely on them for advice on one's upgrades. I'd suggest (and it might be a bit preaching to the choir in this forum :D ) doing one's homework online, deciding what one wants/is looking for, and then walk into the store and ask them (if one needs to) if they have what one is looking for. If they don't, and they try to talk one into a crappy upgrade, one can always head towards the door :)