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08-06-04, 02:17 AM
consider this as the first level.. :)


hehe.. that was just my first test in Doom3 level editing ,its very easy and lost of Fun. you can design your own mission and levels ,and if you know MOdeling can also export your custom demons.. :D

a nice tutorial for Doom3 editing..


using the thirperson view.. and trweaking the distance and angles of the camera you can observe Doom3 characters in its full glory. the animations of many weapons ROCKS!!! try a running with the chaingun from thirdperson view while firing.. simply awesome .

a side note.. have heard rumours of a real mission pack in the works for Doom3 (by people who claims to work close to Idsoftware),if it is true it will be done by other developers.. just like some quake mission packs in the past.

08-06-04, 08:41 AM
very cool :D

08-06-04, 08:55 AM
Never mind.... I realised I had spoilers in my pic so I removed it :retard:

08-06-04, 10:05 AM
How do you open the editor?

08-06-04, 12:03 PM
IN a post to Slashdot the other day Carmack said that they were working on a new game, among the add-on and the port. So I think there will be an official Id bonus pack. Hopefully It won't cost 40 bucks and be all multiplayer stuff.

08-06-04, 03:20 PM
How do you open the editor?

thats a little complicated.. but i will try to explain it... type EDITOR in the doom3 console and thats it. :)

but if you want to start the editor without Doom3.
simply add this line in the Doom3 shortcut. (rightclik properties)

"C:\Program files\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" + disconnect +set r_gamma 1 +set r_brightness 1 +set r_mode 6+set r_fullscreen 0 +editor

change the underlined path to the path where your Doom3.exe is installed.

change set r_mode to the resolution you will like your edior

6 ->1280x1024
8 ->1600x1200

if you see lots of errors when you open the editor and no black screen in the camera window.. just delete you editor.cfg file in the Doom3 folder ,the game will create a default one for you.

aside note.. a was able to scale a basic Doom3 map like the above in the screenshot to close the limits of the editor.. (was looking to know the outdoors max range ..how big they can be in D3?) well.. in fly by fly mode , the speed that you will have if you were in a helicopter.. it took me ~10 minutes to reach the end of the map. a little boring the waiting but if gave me an idea of the limits in the engine. that should be like an hour of handgliding above new terrain in a farcry level. :) big map will fits easily with the dimensions of the game nice for any air/land vehicles mod.