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10-29-02, 08:37 AM
I'm in need of a "new" monitor...my faithful 17" Sony Trinitron has started developing vertical bands of blurriness (even at lower res - 1024x768) and it's becoming hard to read. I figure that it'll collapse pretty soon.

Anyone have any monitors they'd like to sell?

10-29-02, 08:44 AM
I might have one..Ill pm you later when I get home..

Its a Studioworks 995e 17' if your interested..

LG electronics

10-29-02, 08:47 AM
I have several...

(2) Vistapoint 17's...

One needs a new video cable (old one is twitched and causes occasional color changing)... The tube is great on it, though.

The other one shuts off every thime display res. changes. The cable's good and the tube's great on this one.

$60 will get you either one, $115 for both...

ALSO: I have a magnavox CM0200 15" with a great tube that has the same shutoff prob. ...$40.

Oh yeah, also a 13" b & w... $15.


10-30-02, 08:34 AM
Thanks for the offer, guys, but it appears that not only has this monitor stopped goofing around (which means it will be good for the interim), but several of my buddies have access to used office monitors that will get me through until I have a job capable of supporting a new monitor purchase.

Thanks anyway. :)