View Full Version : odd video prob with 6800gt

08-06-04, 11:16 AM
My 6800gt had been doing fine for about a week.
Now when I play a video file, it plays fine for about 10 15 minutes, then the picture freezes...all i get is sound. Replaying anything gives me a black screen. Other videos come up black too.
If I restart my computer it goes back to normal, for about 15 minutes, then black again....
I had overclocked it a bit for Doom3, 405/105 is as high as I was willing to push it. Ran fine.
Is this a driver thing or is my chip messed up?
I hope it ain't the card, cuz these things are hard to find....

edit: turning off the hardware overlay in the media player brings the picture back
so it's the card,dammit, but why?

Sir Random
08-06-04, 03:47 PM
It's probably drivers, try a few different versions, 61.45, 61.76...