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Pandora's Box
08-06-04, 12:52 PM
Alright last month i took out my audigy 2 zs to test the nforce soundstorm system with the new drivers from nvidia. however i didnt get any sound, i messed around by reformatting, trying old drivers etc. windows detects and installs the soundstorm drivers and nvmixer is reporting sound coming from speakers but i dont hear anything. someone from nforcershq.com said this:

i had the same problem. check the FPAUDIO1 connector on your mobo. it needs to be jumpered. i found this out after i plugged in a cable for the front panel audio jacks.
jumper settings should be:
: : | . |

is he saying that i should grab 2 jumpers (like the ones on hard drives for determining master or slave) and use them on the front panel audio pins like he diagramed?

and if so he is basically saying:

leave 2 left hand side pairs of pins unjumpered, jump the next pair, skip the 1 pin, and jump the last pair?

Pandora's Box
08-06-04, 01:35 PM
nevermind got it working. amazing what 2 jumpers can do. hehe. man oh man i forgot how good soundstorm is :p

08-06-04, 03:51 PM
Wait till you try it on a Dolby digital reciever

you won't be back to an audigy again.