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08-06-04, 03:09 PM
Right now i have a BFG 5900 in my computer with 1 gig of kingston RAM and a XP 2400+. Certain games i can and can not play such as i have bad frame rates with BF:VN on highest settings and 64 players. Also on Far Cry i have troubles running on high. Is there something i dont know about my video card should i upgrade that or maybe is it my CPU. Any answers would be helpful thanks.

New: i just ran 3D Mark 2001SE and i got a 10355.
Also would just the FX 6800 be considered an upgrade because at Frys they have one for $284.99.

More New: Ok on BF:VN i have a correction this was playing before i installed gig of RAM now i can play with 64 players and everything turned on aat 1024x768. Far Cry i cant redo because all i had was the demo and now when i try to run it with everything on high every object is grey. Also tried to run 3Dmark03 and it did ok barely untill it got to the CPU and that is when i was running everything after the planes at less then 10FPS (never got a result something happened and i didnt fell like running again ATM). Monday i guess i am going to pick up a new faster XP chip and check on the prices of a new mobo for 64 bit stuff. Well man i dont know what to do.

More More New: just ran 3Dmark03 and scored a 2120 with a CPU score of 420 i am not sure if that is good or not for what i have.

08-06-04, 03:10 PM
Oh yeah the 5900 is overclocked to 440/900.

08-06-04, 03:25 PM
Both BFV and FarCry (and Doom3 most of all) use pixel shaders and bumpmaps which frankly is the death of these year old parts. The X800 and 6800 are more at home in those games.

I have the FX5950U and have to play BFV with "Graphics quality" on Low setting so the bumpmapping is turned off. Otherwise I get terrible framelag, but this is at 1600x1200 mind you.

08-06-04, 03:40 PM
If you wanna upgrade buy the 6800 gt

08-06-04, 04:21 PM
Well the whole reason i started this is because my B-day is on monday and i think i am going to get a BFG 6800 GT from Best Buy. I just have to pay for some of it oh well. :dance:

08-06-04, 04:47 PM
Something sounds freaky with your system. Not sure new video card will solve the problem.

I had GF3 Ti200 with AXP 1800 and 256 megs PC2400 in NForce2 mobo and I scored just under 10000 3D Marks in 3D Mark 2001. Hard to understand how a 5900 with twice the memory and bandwidth scores less than 700 marks over my GF3.

With my current setup I get near 16000 in 3D Mark 2001 and 6000 in 3D Mark 2003. Maybe you want to try a reformat first, more tweaking, and maybe new cpu/mobo before you spend $300+ dollars on video card.

Feel free to do whatever you want tho. I'm just adding my opinion :)

08-06-04, 05:15 PM
a 6800GT will help.. Not only is its raw speeds faster (which was not necessarily true with the prev gen of cards), it support more of the fancier effects without taking too much of a performance hit.

but I suspect games like BF:V with 64 players will be more CPU limited.

08-06-04, 05:42 PM
Um, folks, I think he has a 2400 (133fsb)...

that is an achilles heel of sorts...

that will cause the low scores we're seeing... Plus take into account the 2k1 3dmark scores have been going way way down lately for nv...

08-06-04, 09:36 PM
Thanks for all the input on the problem scratch the new video card for now instead i am going to move up to either a 3000+ or a 3200+ for my Abit NF-7 mobo. Also what is a good CPU fan to put on there. Dang I dont know what to do. (po)

08-06-04, 10:54 PM
Um, folks, I think he has a 2400 (133fsb)...

that is an achilles heel of sorts...

that will cause the low scores we're seeing... Plus take into account the 2k1 3dmark scores have been going way way down lately for nv...

Thats because optimisations were removed, I did a test with anti detect and has no difference onmy 6800NU, This is a good thing

08-06-04, 11:28 PM
Thanks for all the input on the problem scratch the new video card for now instead i am going to move up to either a 3000+ or a 3200+ for my Abit NF-7 mobo. Also what is a good CPU fan to put on there. Dang I dont know what to do. (po)

Actually 10000 marks is bit fishy. Before you buy any new parts, what tweaks have you done to your current system?

EDIT: By tweaks I mean what BIOS setting have you changed that might give your system more performance.

08-07-04, 12:14 AM
i have done nothing to the BIOS i am a little scared to mess with that but i do have a tool that lets me adjust the CPU speed and AGP speed. i am about to set my video card back to default settings and see what the score is with that.

08-07-04, 02:21 AM
Perhaps you should take a break from pure overclocking and consider tweaking. Most of your system's performance will come from fine tuning and or running more agressive timings. PM me if you want to work on your BIOS settings or start a thread in General hardware. ;)

08-07-04, 05:33 AM

You must have had the fastest GF3Ti200 in the history of the world. :) No way did you score 10000 in 3dmark2001. My friend had the exact same rig as you and he scored around 7000. I think you got confused with 3dmark 2000 which the GF3s did just break 10k in.

The only reason I bring up is because I remember when we put my friends system together how impressed we were with 7000.

08-07-04, 11:26 PM
So getting a new Graphics card is out untill X-mas and i dont think i will see a big improvement from a 2400+ to 3000+ so i think i am going to get a FX 3000+ with a NEO FIS board not the FISR-2 of whichever one that is. Does anyone have that board and do you think i will see a big improvement? Also will my 512x2 sticks of DDR 400 Kingston value ram work on the board?

08-08-04, 12:15 AM

I just upgraded from a P42.4b to a A64 3000+ and I saw a very nice improvement in games that are CPU limited like UT2004.

UT2004 ONS_Dria Demo 1024x768 2aa mix of normal and high.
P42.4B w/9500 Pro 32 fps.
A64 3000+ w/9500 Pro 47 fps.

That is a huge improvement almost 50%. The numbers still look small I know but now the game runs noticeably smoother. Even in big battles Im mostly in green sometimes dipping into yellow. This is the main reason I upgraded my CPU this game was too choppy in ONS before. Deathmatch wasnt as much of an improvement.

Quake3 v1.32 Demo 4 1024x768 maxxed
P42.4B w/9500 pro 208 fps
A64 3000+ w/9500 Pro 260 fps

Quake3 v1.32 Demo 4 Normal setting(to take the Vid card out of equation)
P42.4B w/9500 Pro 214 fps
A643000+ w/9500 Pro 295 fps.

ONce again almost 50% improvement :).

3dmark 2001 default settings.
P42.4B w/9500 Pro 11600.
A643000+ w/9500 Pro 13700.

I'm very happy with my CPU upgrade. It will bring your minimums up. Newer games will probably appreciate a new videocard more but you'll see your fps capped at whatever level you are CPU bound at.

I dont see any reason why your Kingston ram wouldnt work in your new MB.

At least by waiting till christmas for video card you'll have more choices and hopefully better prices. Plus all the benchmarks for the newer games like Stalker and Half Life 2 will be out and it wont just be speculation about which card will do what.

Take it easy.

08-08-04, 12:20 AM
Thanks alot for the info man. Sounds like i am going to go with the MSI and 3000+ combo from Fry's if they have the same deal as they do on the net if not hopefully not then i will get to order the same deal from new egg and save about $50 bucks. (or use the saved money for overnite so i can install before school starts on the 11th.

08-08-04, 12:32 AM
SigmaOrionis, nope its true :) I got just under 10000 with that setup. Got 9900 once, but usually was 9700 or so.

People have cleared 13000 3D Marks in 3D Mark 2001 with a GF3 in a AMD 64, P4EE systems. The GF3 was and still is amazing video card :)

08-08-04, 01:13 AM

Check out the reviews on Hardocp of that videocard they even list it as around 7000 with the Ti500 around 8000.

I still dont buy it I just now broke 13000 with my AMD64 and 9500 pro. No way a GF3-Ti200 can compete with that. My friend upgraded his GF3Ti200 to a Radeon 9700 and the thought no contest comes to mind.

Edit: I forgot to mention when he upgraded he still had the same processor you said you achieved your super score with and he went from just under 7k with the GF3 to almost 12k with the 9700 Pro.

08-08-04, 10:41 AM
There are quite alot of GF3's that people have pushed beyond 10K in 3DM01...just browse the ORB yourself. In fact, here is a link from our 'old clunker' PC that is still running a GF3 (runs very well still!). We didn't even push the card to it's highest overclock and managed 9700-ish...

Sir Random
08-08-04, 11:21 AM
My old GF3 Ti200 got 12k with just a P4 2.4b (533Mhz) @3Ghz & loose ram:

My GF4 Ti4200 got 16k:

Don't underestimate the power of the GF3/4 series ;)

08-08-04, 03:03 PM
I guess I stand corrected. Sorry Kev1. I dont know how you guys are achieving those scores. Is it because you're not running all the tests?
Check out this review. This is more in line with what I remember getting when benchmarking my friends GF3Ti200