View Full Version : Need Help Shuttle Mobo Dead?

08-07-04, 04:45 AM
Just recieved a Shuttle SFF based of the nforce 2 IGP. Everything was going great until I started to overclock alittle i put the Processor OC exactly where I had it with another mobo is was not bumping up vdd or using super high fsb only getting the processor up to speed. This shouldn't have had put too much stress of the mobo. Anyways when it restarted nothing happened. All the fans were going but no lights nothing. I've used the Insert trick, tryed reseting the bios, tried different memory. Is there any was to diagnose where there is a problem (Beep codes etc.)? Any ideas would be apreciated.

I think the processor is dead but I have no way of testing that and dont much want to buy a new one at this time.

08-07-04, 02:12 PM