View Full Version : How can I know if my PSU is a problem?

Drew Carey
08-07-04, 05:13 AM
O.k. Guys, I posted this very same question on the sticky 6800+PSU thread, but it seems that very few look at it. So here it goes: how can I know for certain that my PSU is supplying enough current to my vid card and the rest of my system? Is stability enough to count on? Or could a stable system still be suffering from power shortages and as a result be losing performance? For example, I see guys claiming to run a 250W PSU with a GeForce 6800, so how can they be sure everything is alright?

Appreciate the feedback greatly.

08-07-04, 05:54 AM
For me, stability is the best indication that everything is aOK :)

08-07-04, 07:21 AM
Drew I responded again to the thread in the Nvidia Graphics card section. You can obtain a power meter to test the lines.

08-07-04, 12:00 PM
I would recomend looping 3dmark03 a few times, if it is unsatable it will crash or lockup or give some weird sympton. If it goes thought the tests fine i wouldnt worrie about it.