View Full Version : Question about SY-PS400

08-07-04, 10:42 PM
Does anyone have this PSU? How is it?

I really like these extra features but am concerned about how the power output is compare with other 400W PSUs.

Leakage Current: <0.75mA @ 250 VAC
Rise Time: 0.1mS~20mS
Hold Time: >17mS (max. load)
Short Protection: All outputs
Over Current Protection (OCP): <240VA
TTL/CMOS compatible on delay 100 to 500mS, off delap 1mS min.
+5V @ 27amps
+3.3V @ 18amps
+12V@ 16amps
-12V@ 0.5amps
-5V@ 0.5amps
+5VSB@ 2amps

Only review I found so far http://www.thetechlounge.com/review.php?directory=soyo_raptor_psu&page=1

How are these numbers above for a 400W PSU?

Microcenter is selling them at 62.99 -30 MIR.

AMD64 3200+ 6800GT.