View Full Version : Does this hurt performance of the 6800Ultra

08-08-04, 01:57 AM
This may be a dumb question and has probally been answered before,But I don't remember where I seen it. But with the card haveing two DVI outs instead of one.Does it do anything to performance haveing to use a adapter a( DVI to Vaga ) so I can hook up my CRT 21" monitor since I don't have a digital flat pannel.Or does it mannter.

08-08-04, 02:27 AM
It should be fine. You won't even notice it.

I personally don't like adapters and don't use them unless I have to. The fewer breaks in the current the better.

08-08-04, 04:49 AM
of course the connector has no influence on the performance in 3d and 2d graphics. you can simply use an adapter from DVI to SUB-D VGA or (i prefer) a monitor cable having DVI on the one end and a monitor SUB-D VGA on the other. about quality i have only heard a rumor (threat in this forum) that one connector on the card has less quality on higher bandwith/refresh rates , but i can not really believe that.

08-08-04, 04:51 AM
The performance won't be hurt.