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08-08-04, 02:36 PM
I want to rebuild on an A64 platform....They are just too fast in games on say no to any longer :D....
I'm looking for suggestions and people's experiences with different mobos and CPUs
I've been looking at ton's of set-ups both 939 and 754, FXs and A64s and all I've done is get my myself more into a tail spin... :retard:
I want something that is going to run like hell (out perfrom my EE), OC wel and be stable...

08-08-04, 03:08 PM
your cpu should tide you over till an fx 55 or a dual-core solution emerges in Q3/A4 of this year respectively (barring delays)

consider "upgrading" @ that time...

by that time there will be better mobo-solutions present as well as more information about the future product lineup/timeline...

if you are upgrading go the sckt 939 route... == dual-channel memory...

the FX processors are the best oc'ers IMO coz of floating multipliers... though mileage on these babies varies...

but do wait for a few months before pulling the trigger... your cpu is in the upper echelons wrt performance as it stands...

08-08-04, 04:03 PM
Thanks Saz...but I'm ready for and upgrade now...when I go, I go...My CPU is plenty powerful...that's not the reason I'm upgrading, I want to run an A64 to see what they can do .
There's always something to "wait" for.....I don't play that...if I want it I'll get it when its out....;)

Now what are some hot A64 setups....????

08-08-04, 04:11 PM
I would suggest you wait for the MSI nf3-250 sckt 939 solution... its supposed to retail soon (or so we've been told :cool:) and an FX-53...


some general info in that thread that might help you...


Riptides' msi board thread bout the board I suggested (from his experiences I would not suggest getting an abit Av8)

08-08-04, 04:30 PM
I personally would wait until the MSI or the DFI come out (skt939) and then go for a 3800+ or an FX53. If you can't wait and want one right this second I'd get the revision 2.0 Asus A8V (VIA) or the Gigabyte nforce3.