View Full Version : Asus V9999 GE = GT? very close

08-09-04, 07:51 AM
I am looking at the box of my asus v9999 gamer edition and it says it has 16 pipelines. It also claims to have 256mb DDR3 which is also reported in control pannel..

There is a page on the asus site for a GT model(lost the link) but there are no links to it from the asus site. Maybe they changed the name of their GT model at the last minute? If infact only 12 pipelines are enabled then perhaps it will have a high chance of having 4 other working ones?

i guess i will see when the new riva tuner is out? which is when btw?

08-09-04, 08:00 AM
hm, I thought the v9999 GE is just a beefed up version of 6800NU, it sells more expensive than a GT in Canada, isn't that retarded??

08-09-04, 08:02 AM
Not really, Asus cards have always commanded a price premium over comparable ones from other manufacturers. They come with some pretty stupid bundles, I mean who wants a web cam with their graphics card?

08-09-04, 08:40 AM
The Asus V9999 Gamer Edition is using 6800NU GPU on a PCB that is normally used by 6800 Ultra cards. The correct specs of this card are :-
GPU - GeForce 6800
core clk - 350mhz
memory - 1000mhz GDDR3
pixel pipelines - 12 (3 quads)
vertex unit - 5

I would say the no. of pipelines printed on the box is wrong. Its not the 1st time Asus posted wrong specs, remember Asus posted x800pro supports SM3.0 during the game show?

08-09-04, 09:28 AM
talk abou blunders, someone should start a thread showing pics or links to idiotic mistakes from companies like that. It wouldn't stop growing. For instance i saw a constructiong sign that said, "Warning, incase of HUGE **** up call todd. i thought it was funny that the area would be small enough to not care and know todd at the same time.