View Full Version : What is your Watercooled BFG 68000 Ultra OC to???

08-09-04, 07:30 PM
OK, I'm kinda a newbie when it comes to overclocking, But i'm a fast learner. I have BFG Ultra 6800 OC that I have a Koolance watercooler on. I have it clocked at 447/1.1. But the stock Water cooled BFG Ultra 6800 OC comes clocked at 470. I cannot get mine over 447/1.1 on 2D & 3D. Am I doing something wrong? I am using coolbits on the latest Nvidia drivers. I'm confused...

Please help the newbie... ;)

08-09-04, 08:12 PM
447 with water cooling? That's odd. I get 450/1.2 with air cooling.
Is your pump/pipes large enough?

08-09-04, 10:45 PM
Yeah no kidding...i get 454/1280 on air cooling

08-09-04, 11:22 PM
Is your pump/pipes large enough?

I would think so. It is the Koolance system which I think is 1/4 inch hose. I know this is an entry level system now but I'm sure it has to be better than air cooling. I even tried overclocking right as I turn the system on when it is really cool. And can't get it past the 447. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you think it is the Koolance not doing a good enough job??? I have been looking at the Danger Den stuff. (more money out the window!!!) Kill's me though because I just bought this koolance EXOS about two weeks ago!!!!

Bastards!!!! :D

Bill The Cat
08-10-04, 12:25 AM
1/4" is terribly small for heavy overclocking in my opinion. 1/2" is infinately less restrictive.

Also, what WB are you using? The only 6800 waterblock I know of is the Dangerden one, which retails for a princely $125 and debuted only a few days ago (Sold out immediately).

If I were building a kit specifically for cooling my 6800, I'd go with the Swiftech 600/650 pump and sell a kidney and buy the Dangerden 6800 waterblock. That should do the trick much better than your struggling 3/8" setup.

I'd say the limiting factor at the moment is whatever you slapped on there now. If you've got the cash, try buying the Dangerden WB and seeing if it does the trick before dropping money on a whole new water setup.

08-10-04, 05:40 AM
My XFX 6800U does 470mhz core once the tweaked bios has been flashed with the extra .1v, i'd say iits a good chance that the Gainward and BFG watercooled pre-clocked cards have the extra volts on them.

I am using the Asetek Waterchill kit GPU block with a custom shim to make it fit:


08-10-04, 09:24 AM
Oh come on damnit. The EXOS with 1/4 is fine for GPU and CPU. My 6800 U never went above 48c with extensive overclocking. Your clocking is variable for every card. Not every chip will clock the same, even with the worlds best cooling.

You have simply hit that particular chips limit.

08-10-04, 09:26 AM
1/4" is terribly small for heavy overclocking in my opinion. 1/2" is infinately less restrictive.

Doesn't matter. The Exos has 2 pumps and moves a lot of water. It cools with the best of them. 1/4 is fine.

08-10-04, 09:49 AM
Ok, DangerDen is getting a call today!!! I am ordering the other Waterblock. I hope they can retro fit it with smaller fittings. I called the first day they started selling them and they only come with 1/2 inch fittings. So we will see. Thanks for the help!!! How do I tell if I have the right Bios on my card with the extra 1v???

08-10-04, 10:35 AM

I ordered my DangerDen Water Block!!! They DO NOT make them or sell them with 1/4 inch fittings. Only 1/2 or 3/8's. So I called Frozen CPU and ordered some 1/4 to 3/8 fittings and clamps which I hope should workout fine. Stay tuned, we will see if this works any better. But I tend to agree that maybe the card is pushed as far as it can go. :(

We will see....

08-13-04, 09:18 PM
Ok, Got my DangerDen waterblock!!! This thing is VERY nice. Had to call frozen CPU for some adapter. Modded it this morning and it is running GREAT. I have noticed it is running 5c cooler.

But I cannot still overclock it anymore with coolbits2. I just install SP2 and still no difference. Do I have to add 1v of power for this thing? I saw that some added 1v and they were able to OC to 470. That is where I wanna be 470/475.

Raptorman sent me ExpertTool and I just started messing around with it. My card is running at 47c core and 33c ambient. I would imagine I could squeze somemore out of it!!!!


08-13-04, 09:32 PM
Do you have the latest bios for your graphics card? After updating mine I was able to OC much higher.

08-13-04, 11:30 PM
make sure you squish the hell out of the danger den block if you have it, it says compress the springs 60% but you need more like 85% to get really good contact, today i was wondering why my temps seem to shoot up so high for a kickass water cooling rig, (they went as high as 80) i was still getting 485 overclocks on my ultra core. Then i reached in my case and pressed hard on the waterblock(danger den ultra-68) squishing the two sides together. Poof the tems went down 20 degrees lol. Now i can run my 6800ultra(with pencil volt mod) at 493, 12500. It was unreal, my idle went from 57 to 47 after i tightened the nuts some more. So the moral is make sure they are good and tight.
I hit 14,220 3dmarks (03) today.