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08-09-04, 09:26 PM
can someone teach me how to use the application profiles in the latest forceware drivers?

basically here's what i want to do. i want to click on my system tray icon and pick a profile that sets AA and AF. i want to be able to create about 10 profiles. in the 61.77's it's not instantly obvious how to do this or how to switch between profiles...

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08-09-04, 09:37 PM
yes, i've been there. there's some other option under "application profiles" that''s confusing me. plus, i don't like there being 20 or so profiles in there for games i don't have (some of which i do have). if i can't delete those default profiles, i want to create ones that will show up at the top of the list like (!Doom3, !Far Cry, !Painkiller, !SWG, !Tron 2.0, etc).

i easily see how i can create these profiles and set AA & AF for each of them, that's the easy part. after i've created them, after i select one my AA and AF stay the same. how and when does AA and AF change? does it automatically change back when you exit the program? there's no way to know that you're in a profile or not. not very user friendly...

08-09-04, 10:03 PM
The file that contains the profiles in under the windows directory or one of it's subdirectories (I think). It's a xml file so it can be edited (I'm pretty sure you can delete entries). I think if you search the forum, the file name is mentioned in a couple of threads. If I find it, I'll post it here.

Edit: The file is nvapps.xml and it's in the c:\windows\system32 directory. Viewing it notepad is messy since it looks like the tabs and stuff get messed up. Wordpad works but I haven't tried editing it with wordpad.

The profiles get applied automatically. You set them up and apply and then when you run a game, the profile gets applied automatically. If a profile for a game doesn't exist, it uses the global profile (settings). Initially I was creating profiles for every game but then found it was quicker for me to set the global settings to what works for most games and then create custom profiles for the games that don't like those settings (or if I want to set the options in game -- like for Doom 3).

08-09-04, 10:11 PM
OK, heres how it works. When you select a profile, the driver applies the settings when the executable is run. For example, in Call of Duty profile, the settings are applied to the game when codsp.exe or codmp.exe are run by the user.

You should leave Global Driver Settings at default. Select the game you wish to modify the profile for, then check the box beside the settings you wish to change before you actually change them.

08-09-04, 10:29 PM
Are you saying that the globals will override the custom profiles?

08-09-04, 10:52 PM
No. Globals shouldn't override custom profiles because the driver will still load the profile for a specific executable.

08-09-04, 11:53 PM
Okay. That's what I thought but then I was worried I had it wrong. Thanks.

08-10-04, 01:24 AM
This is an awesome feature btw - on my last two ATI cards I had to use a third party program called Radlinker to do this. Setting up AA/AF is so much easier for my 6800 Ultra.

08-10-04, 06:36 AM
what's with the "Select the active profile for:" dropdown list then?

08-10-04, 07:00 AM
The new 65.62 has Application profiles option and shows the Active profile as well. Very good driver! It was released by nVidia and Dell computers.