View Full Version : Which is the best driver for UT2004 and BF1942

08-10-04, 04:45 AM
I've tried the 61.77 and they give very unacceptable texture filtering in these games. Even at 16xAF with the optimizations off I can still see the transition line. It looks really bad like bilinear. Is there another driver I should use or is there a setting I'm not using that will fix this. These are my two main games.


08-10-04, 10:16 PM
I know what you mean..the texture lines are an eyesore I think everyone is going to have to learn to deal with.. I noticed all the texture lines on my old 9800pro and now I notice them on my GT. Both companies don't seem to want to really run at complete and true trilinear anymore. I still notice grainy mipmap transitions with optimizations off so I still think something must be going on with texture filtering.
With my old ATi card it was not grainy at all but the texture transition lines stuck out like sore thumbs. My GT seems to do a better job of hiding it but it is more grainy for sure.
I have a feeling by the time we get to 32pipe cards we will be using even worse means of anistropic filtering.
Nobody wants to do it right anymore. Either company.
BTW, I run with OPTS on all the time though because the performance hit with them off is devastating..I know why it is discouraged from being used.

08-10-04, 10:20 PM
Some game engines use Bilinear filtering by default. Try forcing mipmap to Trilinear using the nVidia control panel.

08-11-04, 04:37 AM
After a little more experimenting today I found out the problem I was having was caused by AA. I put everything to application preference and launched battlefield. As I expected it looked blurry and jaggies everywhere but at least that annoying wavy speckling affect was gone.

So then I put on just 4xAA. Went back into the game and there was the affect that had been driving me crazy. So I tried to go down to 2x and 2q this made it about the same but with more jaggies.

Then I tried 8s. Problem gone no more shimmering wavy texture transitions. This mode looks beautiful. I turned 4 af on and problem was still gone.

I dont know what the difference between the lower sampling modes and 8s are but that was the problem. My best guess is that the lower modes were some how using AA on the textures themselves but not far enough ahead of me so it looked like bad filtering.

This mode is very playable in my favorite games BF1942, Ut2004. Not sure how it will work in newer games my guess is it wont without to big a performance hit.


Thanks for the suggestion of forcing mipmaps to trilinear I saw that under advanced settings but hadnt tried it yet.

08-12-04, 05:27 PM
BTW, I run with OPTS on all the time though because the performance hit with them off is devastating..I know why it is discouraged from being used.

No kidding... I couldn't believe running my GT at Ultra speeds and I still drop into the high 30's sometimes in UT2K4 with 4xAA/16xAF High Quality (no opts)

I mean, I know that's some demanding settings, but still, we're talking about a last generation game here... a $425 video card should be able to do better

08-14-04, 02:19 AM
Well to call UT2004 a last generation game isn't entirely correct. While it may not be pushing the limits of per pixel rendering it certainly can floor almost any card with its large textures, large amount of textures and excessive use of alpha throughout. Don't forget that its not the just the graphics engine pulling down those framerates, but also the physics and netcode trying to maintain an overall handle on the game's traffic (ie the bots or real player actions).

Also, using any type of AA @ 1600 X 1200 is kind of pointless IMHO. At that res you're highly unlikely to see any "jaggies". You're essentially telling it render at two resolutions higher and scale it back down to 1600x1200. It's wasted framebuffer and overall VRAM @ 1600x1200. Try it without AA and tell me what differerence (if any) you get.


08-14-04, 02:53 AM
I dunno if you were talking to me or not, but I don't play at 1600x1200, my monitor doesn't even go that high :(