View Full Version : sufficient clearance on 6800u for NB cooler? (help plz)

08-10-04, 07:37 AM
Hello, nvnews forum members. If anybody has information regarding whether or not a GeForce 6800 Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra (in a Killer Instinct type voice) has sufficient room on its side to accomodate for a northbridge cooler installed on the motherboard (like an antec iceberq), it would be most appreciated. From the pictures I've seen, it seems that the main heatsink, another heatsink (or so I believe it to be), and a capacitor could be in the way. Should the description of my concerns be inadequate, I basically need to know whether or not there is enough room starting from the pins that go into the agp slot to the edge of the heatsink. Thank you (and you) very much for taking the time to assist a random stranger on the internet. You have redeemed my faith in humanity. Bye.

08-10-04, 11:43 AM