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08-10-04, 05:23 PM
Win Doom 3! My good friend Mulberrycrush over at .Tekbunker (http://www.tekbunker.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=459) is giving away 1 copy of Doom 3. You must sign up and have at least 15 valid posts to enter

08-10-04, 05:25 PM
haha, what an inventive way to advertise.. not only does it get the word out, it increases signups AND overall post count of "usefull" posts... brilliant, lol.

08-10-04, 06:00 PM
Well to tell you the truth, it doesn't have to be useful, but i just thought it might be a nice thing to say. Fine, the posts do not have to be valid. They just have to be posts. And no, i'm not part of the admin.

08-10-04, 06:07 PM
lol, pls dont take offense to my comments -- i was being serious.

i will definitely try for my own copy of doom3 ;) of course, i wont win, because i have this unnatural ability to lose in every contest i've ever entered, lol.

08-10-04, 11:01 PM
I didn't take offence to it... that was actually meant to be phrased in a sarcastic way, but i forgot the tags