View Full Version : New BFG 6800gt heatsink setup

08-10-04, 10:25 PM

This heatsink is HOT!

08-10-04, 10:37 PM
I called BFG Tech Support today and they said they didn't have any immediate plans to sell that HSF by itself but they did recommend I contact BFG sales to get a definative answer. Very cool HSF nontheless :D

08-10-04, 10:49 PM
mmm... i agree... i have that heatsink. :)

08-10-04, 10:49 PM
Looks very much like the one on my 5900:) Same concept, only a little better because it has a heatpipe and has the BFG symbol on it.

08-11-04, 07:57 AM
Tests already show that this new design runs hotter then the reference design. back to the rawing board :rolleyes:

08-11-04, 08:03 AM
how does it sound? is it as noisy as my Aopen 6800GT ref cooler?

08-11-04, 08:33 AM
You guys are really having noise issues? I can't tell if my card is making any noise at all. My case most definitely isn't loud (I have three 80mm intake fans, a 60mm exhaust and the 80mm on my heatsink) but I can't tell when the video card is spinning or not. Hell, I don't even know if it is.

08-11-04, 01:10 PM
Tests already show that this new design runs hotter then the reference design. back to the rawing board :rolleyes:

Well that sucks.

It's all show and no go.

08-11-04, 01:14 PM
Well that sucks.

It's all show and no go.

yea, i don't like the dual fan idea, using more airflow to compensate less cooling surface area, it should be the other way around, then it'll be quieter too. This is a bad choice for the HS.

08-11-04, 01:37 PM
i was about to get jealous, lol but u guys said it runs hotter so i am happy with mine now.

and with that one you cant remove the top and use it with the spectrum fan card.

08-11-04, 02:47 PM
I just ditched a BFG GT that had that same cooler cuz the damn thing idled like 9C higher than my PNY GT does and the load temps were 10C higher than my PNY.

so yes, I can verify that the newer cooler does suck.

08-11-04, 08:14 PM
My BFG 6800 GT from BB w/2 fans idles at 51c and gets to 67c gamming.Haven't over clocked yet.

08-11-04, 11:25 PM
My BFG 6800GT idles at 55 and goes to 69-71 after a couple of hours of Doom3.
I guess thats damn good.

But I must say if other people are having problems, BFG need to get their act together.

08-12-04, 08:22 AM
I havent heard of anyone complaining about their newer designed coolers on their cards but I do know from first hand observation that they do in fact run hotter than the original designed coolers from nVidia.

I guess some people dont might the "bling-bling" LEDs in their coolers even though it does come at the expense of a hotter running card.

oh well, I guess thats what BFG's lifetime warranty is for should something happen down the road....

08-12-04, 08:47 AM
yea well, cooler is always cause it'll overclok better.
i believe if BFG wants to come up with something custom, it should be better than reference, not worse. A good example will be MSI's copper ultra single slot cooler, quieter and cooler