View Full Version : Has anyone else gone from the GT to the Ultra and found it slower?

08-11-04, 08:01 PM
I am still playing around, but my Ultra back to back is slower then my GT if run at the same clock speeds in 3dmark03 and 3dmark01. I have to run my ultra 10 MHz faster on the core and .02 faster on the memory before it catches my GT.

I am starting to suspect that the GT runs tighter memory timings then the Ultra and as a result those of you that have your GTs at Ultra speed might be better off not upgrading.

On the other hand it is 4-5 frames faster in D3 timedemo 1, but I am suspect of some of my D3 results. I've actually seen my scores increase or stay about the same at "ultra quality" vs. "high quality"

Peak numbers are higher on the Ultra in 3dmark03. Once I up the clock speed another 10-15 MHz I end up with almost another 100 points, but for those of you thinking about upgrading 100 points might not be worth the difference in cost.

08-11-04, 08:20 PM
Interesting, I lowered my memory over-clock to 1.12 and raised the core another 5 MHz and gained a BUNCH of 3dmarks.

I went from 13169 to 13293

Not bad for an ultra at 440 core 1.12 memory.

Added 2mhz on the core and rebooted my computer and i am now up to 13337 in 3dmark03.