View Full Version : Antivirus makes games lag

08-12-04, 04:55 AM
Im sure this has probably been posted before but here it goes. Disabling your antivirus or changing your auto-protect settings to not scan within compressed archives prevents in game freezing. When the game being doom 3 or whatever decides to load a level the virus scan scans all compressed .pk4 files and their contents which causes freezing at the start of a level and sometimes in Actual gameplay. I realised this was the problem because when I encountered a texture I had never seen before doom 3 or farcry would lag for about half a second.

08-12-04, 05:33 AM
No such trouble with my scanner. games doesn't freeze. windows bootup time does not increase. and viruses don't even have a chance to get on the harddisks.

I am using eTrust Inoculate 7.0. Small & Compact design. scans files/emails real-time. and the best part is. it always update. no lame service you have to pay for to be up-to-date... and no freezing games.

frankly said.. when I used this scanner I was immediality cured from Norton AV (damn.. that AV sucks)