View Full Version : Artifacts in certain places/games

08-12-04, 09:19 AM
I know there are plenty other "artifacts" threads , but this one is different :p

i started testing my GT for some time & i noticed some artifacts (just like O/Cing artifacts) in Thief3 in a certain place , however in all other games everything is running fine . except some in FC loading screen which someone said its normal .

so my question if noticed some artifacts in certain places or games only .. do i have to worry about it ?
if not , then why i'm getting them & my video card isnt overclocked ??

08-12-04, 02:46 PM
I get artifacts in Halo, and Halo only with my 6800u overclocked to 450/1200.

No other games exhibit any problem at all.

Runs stable all night.