View Full Version : What are nVidia plans for the PCI express?

08-12-04, 10:40 AM
I'm holding off buying a new computer since I would like it to have some upgrade possibilities. Thus, I'm waiting for the 915 chipsets as far as the processor is concerned, but I'm also going to need a graphic card - for PCIexpress, due to the 915 chipset.

Now, I have read nVidia homepage, which seems to indicate that NV40 is ready for PCIe, but I haven't seen any actual PCIe cards. So far, only GF5700 and a X600 come in PCIe where i live.

So, does anyone know when nVidia is going to put out something STRONG with PCIe?

08-12-04, 10:50 AM
Probably later in the fall, possibly winter. Then you can get some nice SLI too :D.

08-12-04, 10:53 AM
The just announced 6600 looks like its not half bad... although its no 6800 :)