View Full Version : NFS HS2 and Antialiasing

10-30-02, 11:01 AM
I tested NFS HS2 on my pc, Athlon xp1700+ 512mbpc2100, geforce3 ti200@230/520.

It runs as smooth as silk, until I enable quincunx. The performance drop is HUGE. Even ut2003 gets higher framerates with quincunx enabled.

I'll use fraps latter to see exactly the performance drop.

By the way I'm using det 41.03 so that might be an issue.

10-30-02, 06:41 PM
I would suggest you try the 23.12's

10-30-02, 09:44 PM
The NFS HS2 demo runs great on my system, but I don't use any AA, and only 4x AF.

10-31-02, 01:33 AM
Game runs great on my comp, running at 1280x1024x32 w/ Quincunx & 8x Aniso.:D