View Full Version : Flicker in Doom3 with WinXP SP2

08-12-04, 12:55 PM
Hi guyz.

Any one have like a minor flicker every 5 to 10 secs in Doom 3 when using WinXP SP2 with a 6800 series card using drivers 61.77?

After I installed SP2 I get this strange flickering and after uninstalling it Doom's 3 setting of 2xAA won't stick, I have set it in the driver.

This flicker is like the desktop is trying to get focus or something. I'd like to point out that I have my own toolbar with shortcuts on the top of the screen and the regular winXP taskbar at the bottom. The toolbar on top is set to "Always on top". This might be the reason this is happening but I'd like to hear from others too.


08-12-04, 05:08 PM
sounds like you answered your own question ;)

I have SP2 and 61.77 and I have not experienced this issue. I have AA set to 4x in the Doom CP, and it seems to stick fine.

08-13-04, 09:15 AM
tHE simple adivce would be to turn off the taskbar and see if it still happens.

08-13-04, 10:10 AM
Thank you for your posts guyz.. tried turning it off etc. no go. I still get that flicker. Ain't the taskbar. Reinstall using DC before etc. didn't help either however uninstalling SP 2 did the trick.

Thanks again for posting.