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10-30-02, 11:57 AM
We have had six GeForce4 cards burn up, over the period of about a month. At least a dozen others are working correctly.
Here are the pertinent facts.

The cards come from two manufacturers, PNY and LeadTek (maybe VisionTek?)

The cards are used in two different PC manufacturers, DELL,nd a pieced together PC set.

We have seen two things happen.
1. Some cards start to print gibberish, then refuse to work under X.
2. Most cards flat out break, and won't even sync the monitor.

The common items are:
All cards (broke and working) and GeForce 4, TI4600 128MB
All monitors are actually Flat Panels.

We have NOT overclocked, or done anything weird. We are running Linux Redhat 7.3 in all cases.

Has anyone else seen this?

10-30-02, 02:00 PM
from pny definately, i have seen 7 out of 10 of their gf4 ti4600' s die.

it looks like memory failure for the most part of the ones that i have seen die.

50% have garbage on the sceen at all times (2d & 3d)
the other 50% had corrupted textures and wierd colors in games.
2 of these cards were mine, the rest were all my friends on various different systems. (all hand made and perfectly operational systems)

when i buy the nv30 i am gonna wait for ASUS's card to come out, they cost a premium yes, but i've never had a asus video card break.

after seeing so many pny cards die i am willing to spend the extra $$$

are the leadtech cards manufactured by MSI like the pny cards are?

that would explain why yours are failing...

oh, and the video out sux monkey balls on these pny cards as well.....

10-30-02, 02:44 PM
I'm not sure who the real manufacturer is on the LeadTech cards.
I had never heard of ASUS. I will have to give that a shot.
Do you know if they make a Ti4600 ?


10-30-02, 03:17 PM
I had bad luck with asus cards. My original geforce 64mb had to be returned because it absolutely refused to run 3d apps. It crashed constantly. It turned out there were literally thousands of them that were faulty. I checked their forum on the card and there were something like 15000 post from people with the same problem. When the gf4 was released, a friend of mine who works at a hardware store told me to stay far way from the asus cards. They had to have all their gf4 cards from asus replaced because they were completely defective. The ones out now are newer revisions that work fine. Asus seems to have major problems with their first version of any new card.

11-01-02, 02:19 PM
i owned the geforce 256 (32mb)(pure), geforce 256 with ddr(32mb)(deluxe and pure), geforce 2 gts (umm 32?)(deluxe), geforce 3 (64 mb no TI) (deluxe) from ASUS and they all still work perfectly...

i believe they were all first run cards too. I bought them the day they became available.

i've never heard of the problems your talking about with ASUS cards.

maybe by the time they make it to Kansas they have worked out the kinks and already recalled bad cards before they can get here?

anywho, i am gonna stick by my original opinion, gonna wait for asus nv30 unless somebody reviews another brand as being truly amazingly exceptional.

With all the competition now to differentiate nvidia based cards between manufacturers (fancy cooling, overclocking abilities and other whatnot) i may be buying something entirely different...

What i REALLY want is a canopus NV30, as it would rule ALL in terms of quality. Though canopus demands such a premium it would probably be awful close to a grand and with canopus designing the pcb layout for their cards it would not come out till next summer...


11-02-02, 06:00 PM
Looks like the same thing is happening to me with my MSI Ti4400. I have overclocked in the past, but never to where it artifacted (310/630). Now, if I go into a 3d game at default clock I get snow all over the place, then it comes back to 2d as well. It also artifacts playing DVD's Got to turn it off, and let it cool down just to get 2d to work again. Doing school work on the puter now, so don't want it to be down long. Hopefully I can get a cross ship from Newegg. I want to wait for the NV30, but don't know if this thing will hold out.

11-02-02, 06:14 PM
Htw? I've never seen a card die just like that without o/c, dont you guys get warranty when you buy anyway?

11-02-02, 10:55 PM
yeah, they got warranties, but it is damn annoying...

no overclocking either.

11-02-02, 11:55 PM
Ive owned Asus GF3 Deluxe, GF3 TI500 Pure, and GF4 TI4600 Deluxe. All ran stable overclocked: GF3 (200/460)=225/525, GF3 TI500 (240/500)=265/565, GF4 (300/650)=325/725. I never pushed for max oc's but stopped while ahead so they mayve gone higher.

Both the GF3 & TI500 were "re-engineered" (not reference design), while the initial Asus GF4 was ref except for HSF. When they later released the Deluxe which was redesigned and topped with massive copper heatsink/fan unit that covers RAM as well as GPU, I bought it.

I like it that they redesign ref. Seems like they put more thought into it than most that just slap a GPU on a ref board, but I could be wrong. Plus Asus motherboards are high quality and packed with features, and both mobos and vidcards always get great reviews, so I figured I was safe buying Asus. I havent been disappointed.

11-03-02, 08:33 PM
yeah, i like their re-engineered boards, they always seemed to be a little higher quality.

better image quality as well as much better tv out.

11-04-02, 03:35 AM
I hope my PNY GF4 Ti4200 holds up for another 12-18 months!
If not, I'll take a warranty replacement but my next Nvidia card will be one made by XFX. ;)

11-04-02, 07:24 AM
A friend of mine has gone through 3 Visiontek ti4600's. Strange that PNY and Visiontek are the two brands that most big retail chains sell.

11-05-02, 05:22 AM
My work Asus Geforce2 Ultra died after 1 year. Had some spectacular triangle failures in 3d mode. No OCing of course.

11-05-02, 12:05 PM
Hehe, seems like alot of 'good name' developer cards are burning, I had Creative geforce sdr and later geforce 2mx, Palit daytona geforce3ti200 and now I'm having Sparkle Geforce4Ti4600 and none of them had any issues, plus they were all overclocked to the maxxx :)

11-05-02, 12:11 PM
Yep, big name brands don't always mean the best performance. I paid a premium for this GF2MX/400 because of the Hercules name on it...if I had known better I would have saved some money and gone with a lesser-kwown brand. Same stuff under the hood.

11-06-02, 12:06 AM
PNY GeForce 4ti 4600 kicks ass !!!

I have my PNY GeForce for already six months, running at 330/730, and not asingle problem. Its one ofthe best performing cards I've ever seen.

I took the stock cooler out and am using a Cooljag JAC311C copper cooler and some ram heatsinks with Artic Silver 3 Epoxy.

I am running Win XP and RedHat 8.0.

Plus PNY hasa life time waranty on their cards, so if you havent done something realy stupid to burn up your card than you should get a new one.

If you guys dont have a proper cooling than dont overclock, it's as simple as that.

11-06-02, 12:25 PM
you sure that you didnt void the waranteeeeee by changing out the fan? Might be something to check on.

11-06-02, 02:23 PM
Yes I think I did, but I can always pull it out and put the old one back ;) , and so far the card has worked great so I dont see any reason for stressing out :confused:

I'll probably use it for another six months, and once the price of NV30 goes down I'll purchase one of those boards, and I'll eaither sell thisone or I'll give it to my brother.:D

11-07-02, 08:35 PM
Originally posted by TriangleMan
1. Some cards start to print gibberish, then refuse to work under X.

Print gibberish? Your videocard will have absolutely no affect on printing. Did you mean to say printing?? :confused:

11-07-02, 11:40 PM
Originally posted by gravioli
Print gibberish? Your videocard will have absolutely no affect on printing. Did you mean to say printing?? :confused:

He probably meant printing gibberish on screen, not on paper.

11-08-02, 12:22 PM
Sorry for the confusion, I meant printing text on the screen, NOT on paper.

I just had two more boards die. Very frustrating.

It seems that if one works for about 2 weeks, then it is good forever. Before that, it is a crapshoot.

11-09-02, 01:44 AM
I have used four generations of Nvidia cards and have never had a single failure. I have always used the top card for the period. I have to believe that you have some other issues that maybe you don't realize. I remember when I purchased my Geforce 2 GTS it didn't boot (black screen). It took me two days to figure it out. It was the refresh rate, and once I set it correctly the card ran very well until it was replaced by the next generation card. Drivers will give corrupted graphics and strange coloring like you describe. Make sure you are using the best driver for your hardware.