View Full Version : fx go 5600 problems

08-12-04, 05:13 PM
I recently purchased a sony laptop with the following specs:
2.8 ghz p4
512 ram
64 meg gf fx go 5600 vid card

I attempted to install Nvidia drivers and had no luck; I checked the sony website and installed the most current (November 2003) but they are not forceware. My problem is that I have horrible performance in games such as Battlefield Vietnam and Doom 3. On the lowest Quality and resolutions (640 x 480) i get 20-30 fps, and this seriously drops when enemies come onscreen. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can improve my problem?

Vsync has been disabled, as well as AA and AF.

08-12-04, 09:55 PM
Forceware drivers do not contain support for the mobile chipsets. In order to get them to work properly, you need a modified .inf file. You can download such files as well as view instructions at this (http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/) Web site.