View Full Version : 6800U reduce fan rpm?

Mr. T
08-13-04, 04:15 AM
After booting up, the stock fan spins down when the drivers load.
Wouldn't it be possible to mod or hack the inf or something, to bring the rpm a tad down to say 1500 or 2000rpm?
Perhaps some util can do the same?
Any suggestions are MOSTLY welcome?

08-13-04, 04:23 AM
Check the Expert tool thread in the GeForce graphics card forum.


Mr. T
08-13-04, 04:25 AM
Thx. mate, appreciate.

Mr. T
08-13-04, 06:42 AM
Expert Tool doesn't go below 50% in 2D mode(same as the original drivers)
I was looking for a way to reduse further fan speed than the original 2D mode rpm?

08-13-04, 09:07 AM
yaeh I don't use that expert tool.. I wanted a further reduction in 2d mode.. Wouldn't have minded a reduction in core clock as well in 2d. No need to go full blast on the desktop.


Mr. T
08-13-04, 10:38 AM
My point exactly!
Any1 else have idea's?