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08-13-04, 01:00 PM
First off, I'm stuck with a MSI 4600 Ti at the moment. I've been saving up some money for completely rebuilding my computer. As of now I've upgraded to a 3.2 ghz 800 mhz FSB P4, a gig of ram, a GigaByte mobo and a 480 watt power supply. To top it all off seeing as I'm not going to be upgrading again for a while (I'm on a college student's budget :), I figured I'd splurge and get a GeForce 6800 Ultra. I wasn't particular about what kind as i knew they were all pretty much reference clones, so I bought an AOpen card from AJump computers - both companies that I trust. I ordered everything online and waited three days and everything except the videocard arrived, which said was arriving in the warehouse soon.

This was June 10th.

It's now the 13th and I still don't have my card. When I inquired with AJump earlier today, they replied about 20 minutes later with the following response:

Thank you for your inquiry. According to AOpen, there is no specific ETA date for the arrival of this video card. Video cards with the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra chipset have been in severe shortage. We apologize for not being able to provide you with any further details on the arrival as we do not have any additional information from the vendor to relay.

Now I know that it takes a while to get from product launch to distribution, but 5 months?! I'm really getting fed up with waiting NVidia for the 6800 Ultra. (po) What would you suggest doing? I've found some vendors that appear to have some 6800 GTs in stock, but I'm not sure if it's really worth it to take a 100 mhz processor speed hit. I've also been looking into the x800. I know, I know, this is an NVidia forum, but I was just wondering if it would make more sense to try to get any videocard versus waiting for the Ultra.

Thanks, and sorry for the rant

P.S. AJump is a fantastic company I must add if you're looking for any type of parts

08-13-04, 01:09 PM
I got my 6800GT to 410/1120 easy. It'll do more but I dont need any more performance. Just grab a GT and you will be happy. It easily outperforms my x800 pro and the x800xtpe is impossible to get right now.

08-13-04, 01:10 PM
Leadtek and eVGA ultras were in stock @ newegg as of earlier this morning...

08-13-04, 01:29 PM
You should do research about stuff you buying before throwing cash , there is low supply for high end cards .

08-13-04, 02:08 PM
You should do research about stuff you buying before throwing cash , there is low supply for high end cards .

Of course I did. I knew they were in short supply. Short supply doesn't mean no supply, and most online retailers said they had shipments coming in 7/9/04... which turned into 7/16/40... 7/23/40... 3/24/08...

Besides, it's not like I'm throwing cash away. Cancel the order and no charge. I think I'm going to go for the GT anyway... If I can get to Neo_Rad's speed, 40 mhz isn't worth $150.

08-13-04, 02:17 PM
Go for the 6800 GT. Right now the 6800 GT is the best bang for the bucks. Its cheaper than the Ultra, can be oc to Ultra speed, only requires one molex connector, and only takes up one slot, except the Leadtek 6800 GT, which takes two.
Right now the new generation cards are in short supply, but they are coming out. The 6800 GT are becoming more available, like th x800 pro, but the top line models are still rare and you do pay a high premium for the top line stuff.

08-13-04, 03:48 PM
Hey FlashGordon, did have any trouble getting your graphics card to run when you initially installed your gt....I have roughly the same set up as you but my card is having all kinds of trouble when it comes to demanding graphics. I was also wondering if you could post your benchmarks scores for 3dmark01, 03, and aquamark if you have them....I have benched on all of these and I'm not sure if i'm getting high enough ratings. I am currently running my leadtek gt at 410/1.10 and my benchmarks are as follows....I am going to post my radeon 9700 benches on the same system to show the difference.

Radeon 9700 Pro
3dmark01 16506
3dmark03 5116
Aquamark 18352 (fps avg: 18.35) GFX: 2189 CPU: 5673

Leadtek 6800GT
1st Run 370/1.05
3dmark01: 17088
3dmark03: 9412
Aquamark: 33658 (fps avg: 33.66) GFX: 6458 CPU: 3514

2nd Run 410/1.10
3dmark03: 9656
AquaMark: 41682 (fps avg: 41.68) GFX: 8246 CPU: 4214

I also forgot to ask if anyone has performed the GT to Ultra flash and if so were you successful at flashing it back to GT.


08-13-04, 07:16 PM
SELkie, that 3DM03 score is really low.Have you got the latest Intel Inf drivers?I was scoring near 11000 on stock on my P4P800Deluxe.Something not working well in your setup.Have you unistalled previous drivers?Use Drivercleaner

08-13-04, 07:19 PM
eh I only get like 10,800 @ stock ....as long as his in-game performance is up to par no worries about benchmarks.

08-13-04, 07:27 PM
Yeah, 9,400 seems pretty low for a GT - that's what I got when I overclocked my Geforce 6800NU.

08-14-04, 02:40 AM
I'm not to familiar with the intel inf....is this something that gets updated with the motherboard drivers or is this external....I have not yet swep the computer with the driver cleaner....I'm going to do that tonight and after that I'm going to put on the 61.34 driver sense a couple other posts are reporting more stable play. Other than that I'm kinda out of ideas....I considered the power supply issue but I have a 420W psu....I've also tried various methods of cooling(room fan directed into case, piping the ac into the case, etc...) that didnt really seem to make an impact. So i'm hoping this driver cleaner will solve the prob, if not I am considering flashing the card to the Ultra for .1v stability but I really dont know how well that will work...

Thanks for the help