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08-13-04, 03:18 PM
Something which is bothering me for quite a while already - happened after I upgraded the drivers for my GeForce FX 5600 quite some time ago (since then I upgraded a few times again, right now I'm with 61.77):

Whenever any Java applet opens in Internet Explorer, all the display gets quite blurry. It remains so until Java is closed and either all Internet Explorer windows are closed or I get out of the desktop using Control+Alt+Delete (if I then press "Cancel", it will get normal again, given no Java is open).

This seems to be the same problem as described at:


and at:


Bot no solution is provided in either place (the ImageSharpeningBugfix only makes things much worse).

I remember it happened after some driver upgrade, but I'm not sure which exactly, although I'll believe it's 56.64 as described in the first link. Anyway, I don't want to downgrade... Any fix or solution to this problem? Anyone else still experiencing it? Am I missing something?

Also, in 3DS MAX 6, when using the DirectX (either 8.1 or 9.0) driver, everything is slow (as if there's no hardware acceleration at all), the image is a somewhat corrupted here and there, and the same blurriness is apparent, but only within the 3DS MAX viewports. That's not that much of a problem, as I'm better off with the OpenGL driver anyway.

The Java problem, however, is really annoying.

Current system information:
Pentium 4 2.8GHz on Intel D865PERL mainboard
Windows XP SP2
NVidia GeForce FX 5600 (Gainward card), with Forceware 61.77 drivers.

This seems to be a problem not only I encountered, but it is probably very dependent on some configurations, as I couldn't find much about it - it seems rare.

Thank you, any help appreciated,
-- Tom

08-13-04, 09:31 PM
The problem is linked to Java and Antialiasing. I find that I do not get this problem if I have Antialiasing set to Application Controlled, or Off.