View Full Version : Best drivers for TNT2 32MB?

Pandora's Box
08-13-04, 05:07 PM
yeap 9800 pro sold, have a tnt 2 32MB to hold me off for about 2 weeks untill i can get a 6800 GT. so which drivers should I use?

08-13-04, 06:14 PM
30.82, 45.23 or 53.03 should be enough to tide you over until the new card arrives.

Pandora's Box
08-13-04, 06:16 PM
ARGH! cant find blasted thing. i found a tnt 2 64 vanta 8MB card but no 32MB. where r u card.

Pandora's Box
08-13-04, 06:40 PM

oh well. had to call friend to ask if i could borrow his old geforce 2 mx400 pci.

omfg pci!!!!???!! ah well think its 64MB so wont be as bad as a 8MB. so what drivers for a Geforce 2 MX400 PCI?