View Full Version : Question about 3200 barton.....

08-13-04, 07:48 PM
Ok my system is in my sig and so I just ordered a 3200 barton since thats the fastest cpu my MB currently supports. I paid 170 for the cpu, coolermaster jet 7 and AS 5 shipped so really not expensive at all. I wanted to upgrade so what from my athlon 2700 and so I figure with the 3200 and when I OC it it should be ok for a while. My question is, was it worth the money for the upgrade? I know alot of you will say why didnt you just spend like another 100-150 and get a new MB and A64 combo, but I really dont wanna go 64 bit untill I can get a kick ass MB/cpu such as possibly nforce 4? With PCI-e and/or nvidia SLI support.
SO I'm hoping that will be available first quarter of 05.

Opinions? Thanks guys.

08-13-04, 10:18 PM
You could have just OCed the 2700+....