View Full Version : NVIDIA System Sentinel Problem

08-13-04, 11:15 PM
I tried out the 65.62 drivers and after about 20 minutes of gameplay I received a "NVIDIA System Sentinel" problem indicating my card is not receiving enough power.
I switched back to the 61.77 drivers, and this problem seems to continue to persist. Anyone have any ideas as to why? It has never done this before.

I am currently using a 450-watt Power Supply.

08-13-04, 11:19 PM
What are the +12 rails on the power supply, also make sure that the 2 molex connectors are seperate not daisy chained if possible.

08-13-04, 11:29 PM
The connectors are separate. I've never had this issue until I installed the 65.62 drivers. I just uninstalled the drivers, ran driver cleaner, and reinstalled the 61.77's to see if that fixes it.
The only thing sharing a connector is my DVD-ROM and the Secondary Fan Connector on the card as I didn't have another power connector available. The primary connector has it's own dedicated power connection.

08-14-04, 10:05 AM
I've had this happen a couple of times also. I believe what happened in my case was because of static electricity. My swivel chair came into contact with the edge of my comp case on both occasions.

I moved my case so it won't happen again and so far no more probs.
Your problem may be different from mine, but I thought I'd let you know of my experience.

08-14-04, 10:43 AM
I had a problem along the same lines about 6 months ago with a 5900XT. The only way I was able to resolve it was by running a molex to the video card that was not powering anything else.

08-15-04, 12:25 PM
I've done this, but considering I have a 420-watt PS (not 450-watt like I thought) and AlienWare refuses to sell me a new power supply because my video card is overclocked and it is for the purpose of running the card overclocked I've been hunting new Power Supplies.
Think this 500-watt PS is enough?