View Full Version : Problems with my A400nu

08-14-04, 05:41 AM
well hello there i am new here and i got some probs with my new gfx card
i am playing rtcw enemy territory and i got white flashes in game the whole screen flashes white a millisecond every now and then and i dont know why this happens, i changed from a msi kt4av to the a7n8x no use, bought a new psu no use, fresh install of windows no use, bought new ram still the flashes occur reinstalled the game and every driver i could get my hand on(all drivers properly removed with driver cleaner) but still the flashes the only thing i havent changed are the harddisks and i bought a new monitor(Cheap One not much money left after all this upgrades :clap: ) so maybe its one of these but i really dont know whats causin this and i searched everywhere for a solution

(another thing to mention is that it happened before with a r9800pro too but far worser so it probably wont be the card but i really dont know what)

08-14-04, 07:15 AM
search this forum for Leadtek A400 problems :(

May be fixed by a new bios that leadek has supposedly released but mine went back and got a PNY card which is great.