View Full Version : PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra, my older games freeze, help.

Legolas Greenle
08-14-04, 12:40 PM
Hi guys, my PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra just came in and i installed it, works awesome!! However my older games freeze. For example, when i tyr to play The Lord of The Rings The Return of the King, 20 seconds into the game it freezes and i can get out without having to restart. When i try to play KOTOR, like whenever there is a cutscene the game freezes and in KOTOR's system analyzer it says it dosenbt support the 6800 Ultra. When i installed the Splinter Cell Pnadora Tommorow demo the game just freezes 20 seconds into it. However my new games work great, like UT2003 and Call of Duty, Jedi Academy, Joint Operations, those work great. I currently run drivers ForcWare 61.77, someone on Hardware Analisys told me that the 62.20 will fix the problem but to wait for the original once, not the betas. Is this true? Will the 62.20 really fix the problem for my older games. And i also havent played farCry yet, do you guys think that will freeze too, and does farCry support the 6800 series?

Legolas Greenle
08-14-04, 05:46 PM
Dont worry guys, I fixed the problem, there were some ATI files left over from my previous ATI card so i used Driver Cleaner 3 to get rid of them, problem solved. :nanahump: