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08-14-04, 02:48 PM
I know there's a thread about the ending, but I wanted to put a spoiler alert on this one, so we can talk about details.

Anyone kinda disappointed with the final battle? I was playing on veteran difficulty.

I mean when I first saw it, I was like, "HOLY SH!T"

after I got immediatly hit with the first rocket, I stayed my distance.. and then it became lame.. Just mow down 5 guys with a chaingun, turn around and use the soul cube, repeat a few times.... THATS IT?! I guess I'm going to have to load up the editor or play on god mode to see what he really looks up close lol..

The other boss's.. letss see... The spider one was just annoying.. The big fat guys in the sewage were too slow really pose a threat (once you ran away).. the thing with the seekers - I didn't realize that you actually had to hit that blue bulb thing that appears, I was just shooitng at the body after the seekers were done with.. after I realized that he went down in no time.. Oh the sarge/tank thingie with the bfg.. I kept on falling off the ledge lol.. although I took a good amount of damage before he fell.

BTW, did anyone actually use the BFG? The only place I used it was right before you entered hell, when those two knights came out.. Other than than, I ended up beating the game with a full load of BFG ammo! Although I had to admit I died a few times in other places of the game, but when I reloaded, I could easily beat them down with the chain and plasma gun... I kept on saving them, expecting to need them later..

Heh, I barely even used the rocket launcher! I ended up using grenades more than the rocket launcher. I kept on saving the rockets, thinking they were gonna come in handy too...

I think i used the shotgun 40% of the time in the game, then machine gun 20%, and then chain 15%, plasma 15%, then everything else...

Still, it was entertaining, and I had lots of fun.. I'm looking foward for community mods.. maybe i'll give the editor a try.,

I guess if nightmare would be alot harder, since your health slowly ticks away.. (but then again, you have the soul cube too)

08-14-04, 04:47 PM
I actually did not use the bfg, if i would of known you lose it when you go to HELL i would of not horded the ammo : ( i used it after hell though.

Mr. Hunt
08-14-04, 04:51 PM
I used the BFG to kill the guardian or whatever that thing was in Hell.

08-14-04, 07:12 PM
I liked the final battle .. i just got bored with games that needs jumping + running + firing 100000 rocket to kill the last boss .
this one is very decent to me .. & so do painkiller's final boss .

i had enough ammo for the rocket lanucher to kill the spawning monsters to fill the soul cube .

as for the BFG i only used it for the Hell Knights . very effective !

the grenades can be helpfull , but i didnt like them for the way they bounce when you throw them .. sorta unrealstic .

08-14-04, 11:14 PM
Yeah, I always save up all my ammo, and in the end I had pretty much all my ammo maxed. And yes, most of the boss battles were disapointing (the Guardian would've been fun if I would've got more than 8 FPS during the battle...), and the last boss looked cool but didn't offer much in the way of a challenge or anything exciting. Same as the topic creator, the first time I used the BFG was against those Hellknights at the gate, and then I only mildly started using it after I got back from Hell (I know I used it to kill that repeat of the spider boss).

In fact I did almost everything the same way as the topic creator...I probably used my shotgun half the time, I usually only used other weapons when they were full on ammo and there were more clips close by that I could pick up. And I almost never even ran out of shotgun ammo...anyone else think they really need to decrease the amount of ammo in the levels, or increase enemy hitpoints, or SOMETHING? I played the game on Veteran, and it might as well have been called easy. I think the shotgun was just plain overpowered, you could take down almost any small enemy in 1 hit from it, and even the hellknights went down fairly quickly from it. All you really have to do is run in circles in front of the hellknight and keep pumping him full of lead, he goes down in less than 10 seconds fairly easilly.

08-17-04, 08:52 AM
to entertain myself a lil bit i did this - one whole level I used "GOD" mode and killed all monsters using Chainsaw - it was good :D

08-17-04, 10:50 AM
I played on veteran and I don't think the shotty is overpowered at all. It takes at *least* two shots to kill an imp unless you are right up in his mug and I mean right there... If there is any distance at all it's a minimum of two shots.

08-17-04, 01:00 PM
I cheated an started with nightmare 1st. Even then it wasnt too hard but After beating and playing easier modes I was surprised how easy the easy modes where. :)

08-17-04, 02:14 PM
Maybe some of you are just uber gamers. I thought the ending was a nice change from the usual "empty the ammo" technique. As for the BFG, I also only used it a few times.