View Full Version : Strange issue with Detonator's for my Ti4600?

10-30-02, 07:06 PM
Hey every one I just wanted to throw this one out to you guys to see what may be causing this issue with my Visiontek Ti4600 and the Detonator 30.82's or 41.03's drivers not showing the GPU core and memory clock sliders at all? Also I no longer have the ability to enable or disable Vsync in Direct X either like I had in the past?:confused: The strang part is these features were present in the past on this rig with Win XP Pro with all updates prior to the Service PacK-1 update? Just so you know I just recently performed a full clean install of windows XP Pro. I tried uninstalling my Ti4600 in hardware manager then installed the 30.82's after I have installed Win XP pro with no updates added in NTFS. The card was detected and installed and the drivers installed perfectly without a hitch but still after the initial reboot to complete the Driver install to the registry I still do not have a tab for the GPU Core or memory clock speed adjustment sliders still within the Nvidia video card setting? Do I perhaps need to change something within XP pro's registry editor under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Nvidia Corporation, or under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Nvidia Corporation?:confused:

I have the Riva Tuner 2.0 v12 and I can do the adjustments in there for now but I'm very much puzzled on why these setting are no longer within the Nvidia Detonator driver configuration area after reinstalling Windows XP pro???

Thanks in advance for any input everybody. :)

10-30-02, 09:13 PM
Simple registry entry:

HKLM\Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak

In this tree create a DWORD value called "Coolbits" (sans quotes). Set that value to 3, hit F5 to refresh regedit and then go back to your display properties. Everything should be there.

11-01-02, 06:56 PM
Thanks for the advice on what to do to fix this weird delima I have with my 30.82Dets and Win XP Pro. I did what you explained to perform in the XP Pro Regedit and I still do not see the Ti4600 GPU core and memory clock speed adjustment tab present in my Ti4600 driver setting window? I took a screen shot of what I did per your instructions and I tried to plae it in here but several online pic URL providers wouldnt work in here unfortunetly??? I can e-mail the regedit pic to you it so that you can point out any errors I did in in the regedit fields.

Thanks :)