View Full Version : What's the deal with having to wait so long for the 1.3 farcry patch?

08-14-04, 10:13 PM
Not to sound like an impatient kid, but where's it at? They had video at nvidia's launch part back in april with hdr effects and i.q changes. (We all remember the scene with the new rocks on the beach) Not only was this displayed 4 months ago-but when interviewed, they said it took 3 weeks to do. So what's with the delay? I remember hearing the scene with the rocks and new effects was running at 25fps...maybe there's some truth to that....cause I dont see why else it would be held back. =/ I'd really like to see some of these effects displayed, to see the true potential of the nv40. C'mon crytek...move your sweet butt on this patch. =)

08-14-04, 10:41 PM
So what's with the delay?

My guess? A certain company that has three letters as part of its name.

08-14-04, 11:24 PM
My guess? A certain company that has three letters as part of its name.

Who? Microsoft? Enron? Wal-Mart? Borders? Sam Goody?

Those all have three letters as part of their name...

08-14-04, 11:46 PM
I think he means ati

08-14-04, 11:56 PM
Not that im saying it's not ati, but what part would they play in holding up the patch? I know there's problems with sm2.0b and 1.2-But i'm talking about sm3.0, hdr, looping, etc. Image changes that are only supposedly available on the nv40.

To my knowledge nvidia was to have sm3.0 enhancements (again, like the infamous, rocks video on the beach) and ati was to have 3dc in 1.3. Ati claims 3dc " just missed the 1.2 patch timeframe" ...so I'm assuming crytek has had enough time to work with ati to ensure it works properly. And seeing as they've been messing with sm3.0 since april on nv40, and claimed it only took 3 weeks to implement, I dont see what the hold up is. We have dx9.0c official now, we have drivers official from nvidia.com supporting dx9.0c, we have the hardware supporting the features...so what's the excuse? Especially when I've read they plan on scratching out sm2.0b from the next patch. That basically takes a huge problem out of the patch, and helps with time issues.

Could crytek be silently abadoning farcry, now that they have signed with ea?

Mr. Hunt
08-15-04, 02:41 AM
I am pretty sure he meant Ubi :\.... which do seem to cause alot of problems.

08-15-04, 02:58 AM
The 1.2 patch has issues that are more than just ATI-related ones.

08-15-04, 03:05 PM
I think we need to get an actual 1.2 patch before we can even bother thinking about 1.3 patch...

08-15-04, 03:14 PM
My guess is that they'll call the next patch v1.25

08-15-04, 07:07 PM
i figured they would just include fixes for 1.2 in the 1.3 patch?