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08-14-04, 11:41 PM
http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Enhanced_Mod;29446 (details at bottom of my post)

Just released today. I'm happy to find a mod that finally just makes the demons take longer to dematerializing, even though only 7.5 seconds, instead of just totally removing it like other mods. And changing the zombie gibbing to where you can not with light weapons, flashlight or fists.

Then all the weapon tweaks sound real cool, though, I'm still wondering about the chaingun though.

I'm off to try it out, I hope I can still do my changes where I increase muzzle flash radius. Use the 3rd dl link, dls right away in a new small window instead of the others that take you to another damn site where you have to find where they're hiding the dl button.

Readme File:
// Enhanced Mod v1.0 //
// //
// Created by Gallius & Karmithius //
// //
// Release Date 8/14/04 //
// //


* Demons wait around for 7.5 seconds longer before dematerializing.

* Human types can no longer be gibed with Flash Light / Hands / Light weapons.

* Bullets will spark when hitting metal surfaces and leave a heat mark that will fade in 2 seconds.

* The BFG leaves a much bigger mark on the wall that lasts longer before fading. Also makes a distortion effect when it blows up.

* Plasma Rifle glows brighter then before acting as a close range flash light.

* Plasma ball explosion slightly tweaked with a small distortion effect. And the decal lasts longer on the wall before fading.

* Added PDA Email that gives all Supply access codes.

* Splash Screen / Menu aesthetic changes for the mod.

* Chain-Gun changes:

* The Chain-Gun takes a little longer for the chamber to reach max speed.

* Once the Chamber spins-up it will stay that way and be ready to fire, but at the cost of stealth.
(It lets out a humming noise that can be heard by other players.)

* Attempting to reload (even when not needed) will cause the Chamber to Spindown.

* Grenade changes:

* The amount of speed the grenade keeps after each bounce has been reduced to 30%
instead its default 90%.

* You can throw the grenades further now, to make up for its less bouncing.

* You can toggle between the grenade and your previous weapon (like a flash light) by
reselecting the grenade.

* Shotgun changes:

* There seemed to be a bug with the shotgun where he would load 4 shells into the chamber
and and have 8, this has been fixed.
* The Shotgun *pushes* slightly more then before for more interesting karma action.

* Flashlight changes:

* You can now turn the flash-light off in single player (like in multiplayer) with the Reload key.
(Useless I know) :)


- Extract the folder 'Enhanced Mod' and its content to your Doom3 directory from the zip.
- Run 'RunMod.bat' to start the mod.


08-15-04, 12:15 AM
After trying it out I only have one or two complaints. Mainly the gernades, while they don't bounce funny anymore, they now slide to far.

The chaingun modification is nice. Once you get it spinning, it will stay at full speed after you stopped fireing. Once you reload, it has to start up again. Kind of nice, but feels like a small cheat, but you'd think in the future there would be an option to keep it rotating.

The effect of the plasma gun is awesome. As a zombie gets close enough they are lit up with the blue glow, plus the nw the heat distortion from the plasma rounds are pure eye candy, but can slow down a system.

It's really cool now to finally see the monsters up close, and 7.5 seconds is just about right. I finally was able to see the dissappear effect up close and with the timing it's just really cool now.

EDIT: The bullets cause just some heat spots that now fade. Plus all the sparks now are nice.

Also, I think this, or maybe any other mod will cause any save to be loaded at the starting of the level. I hope that is undone when deselecting the mod.

I'll just modify the mod to change anything I dislike, like returning the gernades to normal

08-15-04, 01:01 AM
Plasma heat distortion and bright flash that I set:

The increased glow from the plasma gun. Plus, the monsters still there for 7.5 seconds:http://premium.uploadit.org/TimothyB/d3_mod_004.jpg

Another glow from the plasma gun:

The new bullet effects before I increased muzzle flash radious:

Just that cool moment seeing a monster fly back from the plasma rounds to hit the wall and slump down. Normally it would have been faded by then:

08-15-04, 11:18 AM
Looks cool. thanks.

08-15-04, 11:29 AM
Parallax Mapping Mod v1.0

Parallax Mapping Mod enhances Doom3's graphics engine by applying parallax mapping to all textures. Parallax mapping, also known as virtual displacement mapping, is a recent graphical technology that gives surfaces more depth and realism. Using a heavily modified vertex and pixel shader and a mix of custom and simulated height maps, this mod makes surfaces look more three-dimensional by offsetting bumps depending on your view. Although you may not see an obvious difference right away, look closely at surfaces and you will see an improvement compared to original Doom3. Most bumps will look like they're actually sticking out. This mod also works in user-made levels that have custom textures, and a tutorial is included to describe how to add optional height maps to your level for a true parallax effect.

NOTE: This mod requires at least a Radeon 9500 or GeForce FX

LINK: http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Parallax_Mapping_Mod_v10;29475

I usually just use the ungibbable mod and I edited the plasmagun def file to make it be a light source. I would like it if it didn't change everything so much...

08-15-04, 12:26 PM
I wanna try this mod but I cant get it to work. I load it up and nothing, just same regular play even when I go to mods and choose it. How did you guys get it to work please?

08-15-04, 01:36 PM
I just placed the folder "EnhancedMod" in the Doom3 folder, next to the Doom3.exe

I then went into the new folder and double clicked the runmod.bat file, I see a dos window pop up and it launches Doom3 by itself. Once Doom3 started up I noticed right away the menu was different with the word enhanced under the Doom3 title.

When reopening the game, I have to reselect it in the mod menu as the game defaults to the original.

Do you see the word enhanced under the Doom3 title after loading it?

On the other post, I'll haveto try out that mod you posted. And one this mod, you can always modify or remove the changes you don't want in the 000Mainpak.pk4 afte loading it. I extracted the "def" file so I could change the weapons more to my liking. I might try to figure how to return the chain gun to spin normally, but I like the new spark effects.

08-15-04, 02:04 PM
I tried that Parallax Mapping Mod v1.0, or more of tweak since you don't have to load it as a mod.

But I get that horrible glitch effect that makes the texture look like mosaic tiles, like some of the pics here;

08-15-04, 04:54 PM
Definetly awesome mod , all these little enhancments should have been ingame ID :retard:

08-18-04, 06:33 PM
the problem with most of these damn "mods" is that they seriously screw up your save games.why is this ??


Also, I think this, or maybe any other mod will cause any save to be loaded at the starting of the level. I hope that is undone when deselecting the mod.


this seems to be the case with most of the mods I have tried.to the point with some of them,that I have to uninstall the game and re-install it from scratch to get the saves to work properly...

08-18-04, 09:30 PM
Hmm, wouldn't yu saves work normal again after switching back to Doom3 from a mod? Though, all your recent saves under the mod will disappear until you reload it,

What if you put your old saves in the saved folder for the mod, I wonder if that will make them work, instead of just going to the begining of the level.

It might be possible to take the contents of the mods you like and install them directly in the base folder instead of the standard mod installation.