View Full Version : WinXp SP2 Security Alert Balloons - how to turn off?

08-15-04, 08:29 PM
how do you turn off the WinXp SP2 security alert balloons, that pop up from your tray?

It always complains that I have windows autoupdate off.. I like it off so I can control whats running in the background.. Besides, I always check for updates manaully, first thing when I boot windows.

08-15-04, 08:40 PM
Right click on My Computer, manage and go to the services and applications/services section. Then stop and disable the security center service. That will eliminate the popup as well as the systray icon.

If you want to keep the systray icon, you can disable the popup by installing TweakUI and going to the taskbar and start menu section and unchecking the "Enable balloon tips" box.

08-16-04, 04:09 AM
another better way will be to go to Control Panel > Security Center

Click on 'Change the way Security Center alerts me' @ the left panel and uncheck the 3 checkboxes

all the prompts will be gone

08-16-04, 01:29 PM
The Control Panel is the best way..... Just to put in my two cents worth... SP2 is really great