View Full Version : Which Render path is the 6800 **supposed** to be using?

08-15-04, 10:21 PM
The reason I ask is because when I start the game and scroll to the very beginning of the messages in the console, it always says 8 MB VRAM detected, which is obviously very wrong. It still says this even if I do the "set videoram" command to 256, so how do I know if Doom is using the right config or even the right render path?

Right now I think it's using ARB2, but before I reinstalled it, it was using plain ARB. Does re-installing Windows and running Doom 3 (from another partition) without re-installing it break something?

Also, the first time I started the game after re-installing, Doom 3 detected my system specs three times, first detecting 8 MB VRAM, then 1993 MB VRAM, then finally 64 MB VRAM :screwy:

Is this game totally bonkers or what? If someone could please tell me at least what render path the game should be running and how to properly enable it, I would be very grateful. Even on 1024 x 768 High Quality with 4xAA the game seems like it isn't running as smooth as I would expect, and I would really like to fix this

08-15-04, 11:15 PM
vedry very strange.

08-16-04, 09:15 AM
For 5950/6800 .. ARB2 path is used as i tested .