View Full Version : Recovery after bad BIOS flash?

10-31-02, 10:46 AM
I recently bought a Leaktek Winfast A250 TD MyVivo Geforce 4 Ti4400 128mb....whew!

After flashing the BIOS my heart started pounding! I HAD FORGOT TO DISABLE VIDEO BIOS CACHING!

Obviously my card is now rendered useless.

I do have an old PCI VGA card so not all is lost.

Any ideas how I can recover from this sticky mess?

Baring in mind the Leadtek BIOS is custom and uses custom flashing tool ie. WFFLASH.EXE

Please can someone help!

10-31-02, 11:55 AM
You must put both cards in you computer and boot from the pci one. Then reflash the agp card again.

10-31-02, 12:30 PM
Why were you flashing the video card BIOS in the first place? The time it's necessary to do so is if you're having major problems that are clearly not driver related.